Speak as a Delegation Before Council

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Request to Appear as a Delegation

Any person, group, corporation or organization who wishes to appear before Council as a delegation must contact the Clerk or complete a Delegation Request Form and submit it to the Clerk.

The delegate shall provide the Clerk with a copy of their presentation by 4:00 p.m. ten (10) days prior to the meeting for inclusion in the meeting Agenda.

Please note that personal information collected on the Delegation Request Form may be included in the Council or Committee Agenda package and/or Council or Committee Meeting Minutes, both of which are part of public record and posted on the Municipal Website.

 Appearing as a Delegation
When appearing before Council, delegations are limited to ten (10) minutes. The Presiding Officer may extend this time limit as required. An additional ten (10) minute Council question period is permitted following the presentation.

The number of Delegations and/or Presentations shall be limited to two (2) per Meeting. The Clerk may determine an exception, in relation to the amount of business for that particular Council meeting.

 Making an Effective Presentation to Council
Provide as much information as possible to the Clerk prior to the meeting to ensure Council has an opportunity to review your information and prepare any questions.

Any person(s) addressing Council shall not speak in an offensive manner, use improper or insulting expressions and shall not question the reputation of an individual member.

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