Reports, Studies and Plans

Annual Comparative Building Summary

At the end of each year, building permit data is corrected and finalized. The visualizations below are updated with the same information found in the hardcopy annual building report that is presented to Council.

Asset Management Plan

View the Asset Management Plan

Communications Plan

Community Improvement Plan

View the Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

View the Community Improvement Project Area

View a printable Improvement Plan Application Form for Funding

Economic Development Strategy Plan

View the Economic Development Strategy Plan

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

View the Energy Conservation and demand Management Plan

Fire Master Plan

View the Fire Master Plan

Official Plan

View North Frontenac's Official Plan

Operational Review

View the Operational Review

Private Lanes Studies

View the Private Lanes Study

Roads Studies

View our Roads Needs Study Report

View OSIM Bridge and Culvert Inspection Program

Service Delivery

View North Frontenac's Service Selivery Review

Township Strategic Plan

Waste Disposal Site - 2018 Reports

7215-002 - 506 Waste Disposal Site

7512-003 - Ardoch Waste Disposal Site

7215-004 - Kashwakamak Waste Disposal Site

7215-05 - Mississippi Waste Disposal Site

7215-006 - Plevna Waste Disposal Site

7215-007 - Cloyne Waste Disposal Site

7215-009 - Gull Waste Disposal Site

7215-010 - Fernleigh Waste Disposal Site

Waste Management Plan

View North Frontenac's Waste Management Plan

Zoning By-Law

Section 34 of the Province of Ontario's Planning Act gives the Township the authority to implement land use controls through Zoning By-Laws. A Zoning By-Law is used to implement the policies in the Official Plan. As a legal By-Law document that is adopted by Council, a Zoning By-Law divides lands in the Township into specific areas or 'zones' that are shown in the maps below.

View the Zoning By-Law

View Ward 1 Map

View Ward 2 Map

View Ward 3 Map

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