Election 2022 - FAQs

What is the Council Salary Breakdown?

Mayor - $28, 229.86

Deputy Mayor - $23,569.62

Councillor - $18,402.90  

Is Council Salary Taxable?
The full salary is taxable. There is no longer a tax exemption portion.
Does Council have access to Health Care Benefits?
Effective January 1, 2023, each Council Member will have access to a Health Care Benefits Spending Account.  The annual amount is $1,000. 
What are acceptable uses of Corporate Resources?

Township By-law #27-22 “Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes Policy” states:

"Use of the Township logo, crest or corporate program identifiers on any Election Campaign Advertisement, either printed material, a campaign website or social media account, is not permitted”.

Can Members of Committees or Task Forces be a Candidate?

A Committee or Task Force Member can be nominated to run for Council and they do not need to take a leave of absence. 

Can Candidates Advertise with Signage and/or other means of Advertisement?

Candidates can use signs or other means of advertising for the election, however they must identify that they are responsible for the sign or advertisement. By doing this, people can see that the sign or advertisement is from their campaign and not by a third party advertiser. 

Is Mileage Considered a Campaign Expense?

It is up to the Candidate to ensure that all costs associated with their campaign are appropriately identified in their campaign financial statement.  If the Candidate wishes specific advice on tracking expenses (i.e. gas, mileage,  printer ink consumption, etc.) the Candidate should seek independent accounting or legal advice, as it is not set out in the Municipal Elections Act.

How can people Vote? How do do you determine if property owners are on the Voters List?

Voting will be done through electronic voting. Voters will receive a letter with a website, telephone number and PIN they will use to vote. The Voter will log onto the website or call the number and enter their PIN and their date of birth to vote. There are demos available to show you how voting works at the following link: http://www.intelivote.com/demos. If residents have questions regarding how to vote please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk’s Department which consists of Tara Mieske, Brooke Drechsler and Sonia McLuckie.


It is important voters ensure we have their correct mailing address so they receive their voter letter. We have created a link to allow people to have us check if they are on the Voters’ List and their information is correct. They can access the form at the following link: https://northfrontenac.formbuilder.ca/Are-you-on-the-Voters-List. They can also contact the Clerk’s Department by email or phone.


If a person is not on the Voters List they need to contact the Clerk’s Department either through the link: https://northfrontenac.formbuilder.ca/Are-you-on-the-Voters-List; email or phone. We will double check the Voters’ List and provide direction on how to be added. A corporation or the owners/shareholders are not permitted to vote. However; there are situations where a person can vote in the case a property is in the ownership of a corporation. 

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