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6648 Road 506, Plevna, Ontario, K0H 2M0

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Note: The CAO and Managers will not be available to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; unless you book an appointment in advance.
Note: Interruptions to regular service due to weather or other, will be displayed promptly and noticeably on the home page.

After-Hours Contact Number (Only if this is urgent): 613-453-5400
If this is an Emergency please immediately call 9-1-1 as emergencies are not handed through this Township after-hours number.

Contact the Municipal Office:
 (613) 479-2231
 (800) 234-3953 (toll free)
 (613) 479-2352 (fax)

Departmental Contacts

View the Township of North Frontenac's Organization Chart and North Frontenac's Fire Departments Organization Chart for more information.


 Chief Administrative Officer

Corey Klatt  Dipl. M.ACorey Klatt, Manager of Community Development

Date of Hire: August 13, 2007

(613) 479-2231 Extension 221

CAO Executive Assistant

Katelyn Ronfeld, Dipl. M.AKatelyn Ronfeld, Public Works Administrative Assistant

Date of Hire: June 19, 2017

(613) 479-2231 Extension 229


Clerk/Planning Manager

Tara Mieske, Dipl. M.A, M.MTara Mieske, Clerk/Planning Manager

Date of Hire: November 24, 2006

(613) 479-2231 Extension 225

Deputy Clerk/Assistant to the Planning Manager

Brooke DrechslerBrooke Drechsler, Deputy Clerk/ Assistant to the Planning Department

Date of Hire: July 2, 2013

(613) 479-2231 Extension 231

Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief, Clerk, and Planning Manager

Sonia McLuckieSonia McLuckie, Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief, Clerk and to Assist with the Crown Land Stewardship Program

Date of Hire: March 14, 2016

(613) 479-2231 Extension 239

Treasury/ Administration

Treasurer (CAO Back-up)

Kelly Watkins, Dipl. M.A, M.M.Kelly Watkins, Treasurer

Date of Hire: June 26, 2006

(613) 479-2231 Extension 223

Deputy Treasurer

Sandra LessardSandra Lessard, Deputy Treasurer

Date of Hire: November 18, 2013

(613) 479-2231 Extension 226

Administrative/ Financial Assistant

Jean WempJean Wemp, Administrative/Financial Assistant

Date of Hire: September 8, 2015

(613) 479-2231 Extension 244

Office Support - All Departments

Lori Newman Lori Newman, Office Support All Departments

Date of Hire: September 4, 2013

(613) 479-2231 Extension 228

Clerical/Crown Land Stewardship Program Assistant

Karen Bolger

Clerical/Crown Land Stewardship Program Assistant – Maternity Leave.

Mandy Mitchell

Date of Hire: October 17, 2022

(613) 479-2231 Extension 235


Chief Building Official

Don Reed, C.B.C.O

 Don Reed, C.B.C.O Chief Building OfficialChief Building Official
Ext 224

Building Department Support Clerk

Judy TooleyJudy Tooley, Building Department Support Clerk

Date of Hire: June 3, 1982

(613) 479-2231 Extension 222

Public Works/ Waste & Recycling

Public Works Manager / 911 Civic Addressing

Darwyn Sproule, P.Eng Darwyn Sproule, Public Works Manager

Date of Hire: November 20, 2017

(613) 479-2231 Extension 230

Public Works Foreman

Gregg Wise, CRS Gregg Wise, Public Works Foremen

Date of Hire: June 1, 1998

(613) 479-2374 (Township Garage)

Public Works Administrative Assistant

Laura ManionLaura Manion Public Works Assistant

Date of Hire: May 19, 2022

(613) 479-2231 Extension 227

Public Works Mechanic

Mike WilmanMike Wilman, Public Works Mechanic

Date of Hire: November 18, 2016

Public Works Equipment Operators

 Jonathan Tooley (Acting Foreman)

Date of Hire: April 11, 2006

Chris Stapley 

Date of Hire: May 10, 2010
Chris Stapley, Operator

Dale Wise 

Date of Hire: May 15, 2006
Dale Wise, Operator

Dean Salmond 

Date of Hire: July 28, 2003
Dean Salmond, Operator

Greg Cooper 

Date of Hire: October 3, 2011
Gregg Cooper, Operator


Randy Schonauer 

Date of Hire: June 30, 2008

Randy Schonauer, Operator

Steven Schonauer

Date of Hire: May 31, 2021
Teegan Wise 

Date of Hire: June 28, 2010
Teegan Wise, Operator


Wayne Lemke

Date of Hire: January 24, 2017
Wayne Lemke, Operator



Seasonal Patroller/ Equipment Operator

James Murray

Date of Hire: December 7, 2020

Waste/Recycling Lead Hand

Gary ThompsonGary Thompson, Waste and Recycling Lead Hand

Date of Hire: March 20, 2009

Waste Operations and Recycling Hauler
Ian Hudson Full TimeIan Hudson

Date of Hire: March 25, 2019

 Waste Sites/Shop Assistant

Adam Snider

SeasonalAdam Snider

Date of Hire: May 31, 2022.

 Waste Disposal Site Attendants
Randy Baker

Full Time

Date of Hire: June 26, 2014 

Geoff Culp

CasualGeoff Culp

Date of Hire: June 6, 2022

 Donna Denna

Full Time

Date of Hire: November 18, 2016

Rick Etherton


Date of Hire: May 8, 2017

Debbie Gibbard

CasualDebbie Gibbard

Date of Hire: October 28, 2021

Truman Gillingham


Date of Hire: May 27, 2019

Jackie Leach


Date of Hire: June 6, 2022

Tim Neal

Full TimeTim Neal

Date of Hire: January 26, 2003

 Tony Runco


Date of Hire: June 26, 2009

Tammy Watson


Date of Hire: May 10, 2021

Recreation/Community Development

Manager of Community Development

Brooke Hawley, Dipl.M.ABrooke Hawley, CAO Executive Assistant

Date of Hire: February 16, 2016

(613) 479-2231 Extension 233


Economic Development Officer

Matt WalkerMatt Walker-Economic Development Officer (Temporary Part-time)

Date of Hire: July 14, 2020

(613) 479-2231 Extension 236

Facilities/Recreation Supervisor

Jason LemkeJason Lemke, Facilities and Recreation Supervisor

Date of Hire: June 30, 2014

(613) 479-2231 Extension 241

Crown Land Stewardship Program – Supervisor (Seasonal)

James JeffriesJames Jeffries

Date of Hire: July 13, 2018

 Recreation Maintenance Assistant (Seasonal)

Norm O'Brien 

Date of Hire: July 7, 2015Norm O'Brien

 Crown Land Stewardship Program – Staff (Seasonal)
 James Murray
Date of Hire: July 21, 2020
Nathaniel Legue 
 Date of Hire: September 6, 2022 image of Nathaniel

Emergency Services


North Frontenac Fire Department

 Director of Emergency Services/ Fire Chief

Eric Korhonen

Fire Chief Eric Korhonen

Date of Hire: August 3, 2015

(613) 479-2231 Extension 232
Assistant Fire Chief



 North Frontenac FireFighters
Station Support
Patricia Bradbury

Station Support,

Year Hired: 2019

 Clarendon Miller Station
Dillon Boles 

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter + Fire CaptainDillon Boles

Year Hired: 2009

Geoff Culp

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2018Geoff Culp

Gary Fleming

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2010

Leslie Hanes-Boles

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter + EFR Captain (CM Station)Leslie Boles

Year Hired: 2016

Guido Kirchgaessner

Volunteer Firefighter

Year Hired: 2018

Maddison Gunsinger

Volunteer Firefighter/EFR

Year Hired: 2021

Jason Lemke

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2016

Donna Schonauer

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2018

Randy Schonauer

Volunteer Firefighter

Year Hired: 1992

Kevin Scott

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2018

Travis Seniuk

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2021

Matt Walker

Volunteer EFR
Year Hired: 2021

 Ompah Station

Brooke Hawley

Volunteer Firefighter/EFR

Year Hired: 2021

 Lindy Hay

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2010

Laurie LaBrash

Volunteer EFR/Station Support

Year Hired: 2020Laurie-LeBrash

Jackie Leach

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2018

Don Morton

Volunteer Firefighter

Year Hired: 2019

Alex Ross

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2011

 George Ross

Fire Captain + Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2007

Gregory Ross

Volunteer Firefighter

Year Hired: 2022

 Michelle Ross

Senior EFR Officer (All Stations) + EFR Captain + Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2008

 Nicholas Ross

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2015

Riley Searle

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2021

 Stan Seitz

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter/Safety Officer

Year Hired: 1980Stan Seitz

 Darwyn Sproule

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter Darwyn Sproule Volunteer EFR Firefighter

Year Hired:2015

Alex Surra

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter/Station Support
Year Hired: 2021

Michael Widmeyer

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter + Fire Instructor

Year Hired:2015

 Snow Road Station
Ted Blackmore

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter,

Year Hired: 2019

Dale Cooper
Volunteer EFR/Firefighter
Year Hired: 2021
Dale Cooper
 Darla Cuomo

Volunteer EFR

Year Hired: 2018

 Richard Cuomo

Volunteer EFR/FirefighterRichard Cuomo

Year Hired: 2018

Donna Denna

Volunteer Firefighter

Year Hired: 2019

 Ken Gould

Fire Captain + Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2002

Marc Guilbault

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2020

 William McNicol

Volunteer EFR/FirefighterWilliam McNicol

Year Hired: 2015

 Robert Rutherford

Volunteer EFR/FirefighterRobert Rutherford

Year Hired: 2018

 Kevin Wheeler

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 1993

 Matt Wheeler

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter

Year Hired: 2011

 Samantha Wheeler

Volunteer EFR/Firefighter +  EFR Captain (SR Station) + Fire Instructor

Year Hired: 2017

 Kaladar/Barrie Fire Department
Fire Chief

Casey Cuddy,  Fire Chief

Year Hired: 1990Casey Cuddy Fire Chief

Phone: 613-336-1851


 Deputy Fire Chief

Kevin Smart, Deputy Fire Chief

Year Hired: 1994Kevin Smart Deputy Fire Chief

Mitch Alcock

Mitch Alcock, Captain

Year Hired: 2008

Mitch Alcock Captain

Adam Arney

Adam Arney, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2015

Adam Arney Firefigher

Dave Avery

Dave Avery, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2015

Nick Cooke

Nick Cooke, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2016Nick Cooke Firefighter

Brandon Cuddy

Brandon Cuddy, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2007Brandon Cuddy Firefigher

Andrew Freeburn

Andrew Freeburn, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2015Andrew Freeburn Firefigher

Blake Garey

Blake Garey, Captain

Year Hired: 1990Blake Garey Captain

Russel Gray

Russel Gray, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2013Russell Gray Firefighter

Bill Irving

Bill Irving, Captain

Year Hired: 2006Bill Irving Captain

Shayne MacAthur

Shayne MacAthur, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2010Shane Macarthur Firefighter

Ben Mieske

Ben Mieske, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2017Ben Mieske, Firefighter

Jamie Miles

Jamie Miles, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2015Jamie Miles, Firefighter

Joel Miles

Joel Miles, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2016Joel Miles, Firefighter

James Nowell

James Nowell

Year Hired: 2009James Nowell, Firefighter

John Nowell

John Nowell, Captain

Year Hired: 2009John Nowell, Captain

Nick Smart
Nick Smart, FirefighterNick Smart, Firefighter
Brad Robson

Brad Robson, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2003Brad Robson, Firefighter

Mike Snider

Mike Snider, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2002Mike Snider, Firefighter

Wayne Speck

Wayne Speck, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2014Wayne Speck, Firefighter

Chris Stapley

Chris Stapley, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2007Chris Stapley, Firefighter

Duane Thibault

Duane Thibault, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2003Duane Thibault, Firefighter

Andre Tryon

Andre Tryon, Firefigher

Year Hired: 2013Andre Tryon, Firefighter

Richard Tryon

Richard Tryon, Captain

Year Hired: 1975 Richard Tryon, Captain

 Terry Tryon

Terry Tryon, Firefighter

Year Hired: 1998 Terry Tryon, Firefighter

 Kristen Warlich

Kristen Warlich, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2013 Kristen Warlich, Firefighter

 Kale Yearwood

Kale Yearwood, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2017Kale Yearwood, Firefighter

Tim Younie

Tim Younie, Firefighter

Year Hired: 2007

 Tim Younie, Captain

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