By-laws and Policies are e-published to the Township's Civic Web Portal once approved by Council. These documents are available for reference purposes only. You will find that the most common and publicly relevant By-laws have been included from past years and all By-laws passed from January 2022 to present are listed.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however these references are not to be used in place of actual By-laws. If you have an interest in acquiring an official copy of a By-law, or one that is not listed here, then please complete a Submission form or contact the Clerk’s Department at the municipal office.

Helpful Note:

To search for a particular By-law once in the Civic Web Portal, use the Search field found in the upper left hand corner of the Civic Portal screen. This will list all relevant documents according to what you typed in the Search field.

Should you require a specific By-law and/or Policy and it is not listed within the Civic Web Portal, please complete a Submission form.

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