The By-laws and policies listed have been prepared for reference purposes only. This is not a comprehensive list of By-laws and policies, and only the most common and publicly relevant have been included. Official signed documents are available at the Township Office.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however these references are not to be used in place of actual By-laws. If you have an interest in acquiring an official By-law, or one that is not listed here, then please contact the municipal office.

Documents have been removed to be compliant with Accessibilities for Ontario with Disabilities Act (AODA) Legislation.  Please reach out to Sonia McLuckie, Assistant to Clerk/Planning/CLSP/Fire by email or call the Township Office 613-479-2231 to request a copy of a document you are looking for.

Commonly Requested By-Laws and Policies

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BY-LAW #127-09    Accessibility By-law

BY-LAW # 05-16     Accountability and Transparency Policy

BY-LAW # 20-16     Adopt a Site Plan Control Securities Policy

BY-LAW # 87-17     Agreement with Addington Highlands – Joint Fire Committee

BY-LAW # 39-20     Animal Control By-law

BY-LAW # 75-19     Appointment of Fence Viewer

BY-LAW # 115-13   Asset Management Plan

BY-LAW # 123-13   Assumption of Unmaintained Municipal Roads and Private Lanes Policy and Minimum Road                                                        Construction Standards

BY-LAW # 38-21     Building By-law

BY-LAW # 53-19     Burning By-law

BY-LAW # 66-17     Camping on Municipal Property By-law

BY-LAW # 49-21     Civic Addressing Policy

BY-LAW  # 19-19    Code of Conduct of Members of Council and Committees

BY-LAW # 30-19     Community Hall Rental Agreement

BY-LAW # 26-16     Community Improvement Project Area By-law

BY-LAW # 65-19     Construction and Maintenance of Docks on Township Property By-law

BY-LAW # 32-18     Construction of Driveway Entrances By-law

BY-LAW # 20-19     Council & Staff Relationship Policy

BY-LAW # 60-17     Disposal of Municipal Waste, Recyclables and Other Refuse

BY-LAW # 125-15   Erection of Stop Sign at a Highway Intersection By-law

BY-LAW # 31-21     Fees and Charges By-law

BY-LAW #  03-20    Interim Tax Rate By-law

BY-LAW # 121-12   KBFD Establishing and Regulating By-law

BY-LAW # 89-13     Level of Service Policy

BY-LAW # 21-21     Licence to Regulate and Govern Refreshment Vehicles

BY-LAW # 13-18     Lottery Licence Program Policy

BY-LAW # 114-13   Municipal Campgrounds and Recreational Roads By-law

BY-LAW # 76-18     NFFD Establishing and Regulating By-law

BY-LAW # 27-21     Noise Control By-law

BY-LAW # 101-19   Notice Requirement Policy

BY-LAW #117-13    Nuisance Beaver Management Policy

BY-LAW # 52-17     Operations of Re-Use Centre Policy

BY-LAW # 21-14     Outdoor Lighting By-law

BY-LAW # 28-08     Parking Regulation and Prohibition By-law

BY-LAW # 17-19     Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Members of Council

BY-LAW # 56-20     Procedural Policy for Member of Council and Committees By-law

BY-LAW # 25-21     Procedural Policy for Committee of Adjustment (CofA)

 BY-LAW # 07-16     Process for Planning By-law

BY-LAW # 94-16     Procurement Policy

BY-LAW # 50-19     Prohibit and Regulate Smoking and Vaping on Municipal Property

BY-LAW # 42-20     Recreational Vehicle License By-law

BY-LAW # 08-12     Regulations and Operations of Cemeteries By-law

BY-LAW # 104-13   Roadside Ditch Alteration

BY-LAW # 20-21     Site Plan Control Area By-law

BY-LAW # 02-21     Speed Limits By-law

BY-LAW # 17-20     To Establish a Policy for Community Grants

BY-LAW # 14-20     To Regulate the Location, Installation and Operation of Outdoor Solid-Fuel Combustion Appliances

BY-LAW # 41-20     Yard Standards

BY-LAW # 55-19     Zoning By-law

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