Committees and Task Forces

Committee of Adjustment/ Planning Advisory Committee

Members / North Frontenac Representatives

Council Liaison: Councillor Roy Huetl


Barb Sproule (Chair)
Carl Tooley
Garry Woods
Jim Oglivie (Alternate)



Tara Mieske, Clerk/Planning Manager (Secretary/Treasurer)

View the Committee of Adjustment/Planning Advisory Committee agendas and minutes.

View our Procedural Policy for Committee of Adjustment on the Township's Civic Web Portal where all Township By-laws are e-published.

Economic Development Task Force (EDTF)

Members / North Frontenac Representatives

Councillor Inglis (Chair)
Councillor Huetl
Councillor Regent



Cyndy Bonello
Betty Hunter
Danielle Kesco
Paul Thiel
Daniel Vaillancourt



Brooke Ross, Manager of Community Development
Matt Walker, Economic Development Officer

View the Economic Development Task Force agendas and minutes

Joint Kaladar/Barrie Fire Committee

Members / North Frontenac Representatives

Councillor Good
Councillor Huetl
Councillor Hermer
Councillor Fowler (Alternate)

View the Joint Kaladar/ Barrie Fire Committee agendas and minutes

Personnel and Audit Committee


Councillor Inglis
Councillor Hermer
Councillor Fowler 

View the Personnel and Audit Committee agendas and minutes

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