Animal Control

Dog owners can mail an Application(s) for Dog Licence(s) to the Township office; or drop off an Application(s) in the drop box beside the front entrance door; with the Dog Tag fees and the Township will mail the Dog Tag(s) to the mailing address. Alternately, you may wish to e-mail the Application and we will mail the Dog Tag(s) out right away with an invoice.

If you have questions regarding Dog Tags, please direct them to Sandra Lessard, Deputy Treasurer at or 613-479-2231 Ext. 226.

Animal Control

The public may contact the Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement Inc directly at (613) 541-3213 if there questions/complaint/concern involves dogs such as running at large, barking dogs and/or Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA) issues (except dog tags).

 Animals Running at Large
All animals are required to be leashed and under control of the owner while on any property which is not that of the owner, unless with prior consent.

An animal which is found, with or without a tag, running at large may be seized and impounded by the Animal Control Officer. If called for within five clear days from the time of being seized and impounded, the animal shall be released to the owner upon the payment of compensation for each day in which the animal has been impounded, such sum to be paid to the pound keeper. Plus an additional administration cost is to be paid to the Township of North Frontenac.

Any animal seized and impounded and not called for with five clear days from the time of such seizure will be handed over to the Kingston Humane Society.

View our Animal Control By-Law and Fees and Charges By-Law for more information.

 Dog Licences
Owners shall apply for a dog licence by completing the Application for Dog Licence to be returned to the Township Office with applicable fee. Registration is required for all dogs six (6) months or older who will receive a tag to wear with a serial number and the year which it was purchased.

Application registration deadline: March 31st of each year.

All licences expire on December 31st of the year purchased.

View our Animal Control By-Law and Fees and Charges By-Law for more information.

 Kingston Humane Society
1 Binnington Crt, Kingston, Ontario K7M 8M9

(613) 546-1291

The Township of North Frontenac does not have a By-Law to govern cats, rather North Frontenac residents can take their cats to the Kingston Humane Society free of charge. 

 Public Nuisance
An Animal shall be considered a public nuisance if
  • The animal persistently barks, howls, or makes other unnecessary noises.
  • It causes damage to public or private property.
  • It interferes with or dumps or scatters garbage.
  • It persistently barks at or chases person using public or private property adjacent to the property where the animal is harboured.
  • It swims at a public beach.
  • It is in a public park and not on a leash.

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