Sports and Recreation

The Township of North Frontenac is committed to providing recreational experiences via the various facilities throughout our Municipality. A healthy life style is vital for all residents and visitors throughout North Frontenac Township. Please enjoy the facilities throughout our beautiful area, assist us with keeping them clean and safe and help by contacting us if you observe any safety concerns. 


Whether its softball or baseball, hit the ball out of the park by visiting North Frontenac's ball diamond located just outside he hamlet of Cloyne.


14453 Highway 41 Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1K0

Facility Includes:

  • Road side pull-off
  • Outhouse privy
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Pavillion 
North Frontenac's 6 beaches.



Long Schooner Lake

End of Schooner Road ** Road Permit Required**

Marble Lake

Right side of Marble Lake Road, North off of Road 506

Palmerston Lake

1032 Maretelock Road

Palmerston Lake

1193 Arcol Road

Shabomeka Lake

1199 Shawenegog Lake Lane

Sand Lake

1168 Beach Road

Boat Launches

Be careful and courteous when using boat launches and obey all posted signs. Its very important to ensure you park in a manner that is not blocking the access or parking for other users. Some boat launches require a road permit to gain access. See below for additional information. Buy a daily, weekly or seasonal Road Access Permit.

Overnight camping is not permitted at any boat launches within the Township of North Frontenac per By-Law.  View our Prohibit Camping on Municipal Property By-law on the Township's Civic Web Portal where all Township By-laws are e-published.

Boat Launches



Big Gull Lake

End of Thompson Road

Big Gull Lake

1044 Helen Lane

Big Ohlmann Lake

1422 Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)

Brule Lake

1684 Brule Lake Road

Buckshot Lake

East Bay Road

Buckshot Lake

1074 North Shore Road

Canonto Lake

2465 Canonto Road

Crotch Lake

1217 Crotch Lake Access Road (Road Permit Required)

Crotch Lake

South Bush Road (Road Permit Required)

Dan Lake

1951 Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)

Fortune Lake

2247 Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)

Govan Lake

4744 Govan Lake Lane (Road Permit Required)

Granite Lake

2970 Arcol Road (Road Permit Required)

Grindstone Lake

1048 Kerr Lane

Kashwakamak Lake

2244 Brown Bay Road

Kashwakamak Lake

1734B Myers Cave Road

Kashwakamak Lake

Koch Kove Lane

Long Schooner Lake

3010 Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)

Lucky Lake

1491 Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)

Mackie Lake

3792 Mountain Road

Mair Lake

3787 Arcol Road (Road Permit Required)

Malcolm Lake

1003 Ridge Lane

Marble Lake

1028 Marble Lake Road

Millers Lake

14270 Road 509

Mississagagon Lake

4041 Road 506

Mississippi River

2034 River Road at the Mississippi Bridge

Mosque Lake

1117 Landing Lane

Palmerston Lake

1031 Martelock Road

Palmerston Lake

1045 Arcol Road

Pine Lake

4573 Ardoch Road

Redhorse Lake

Redhorse Lake Lane (Road Permit Required)

Sand Lake

1186 Beach Road

Shabomeka Lake

Beginning of Higgins Lane

Sunday Lake

End of Sunday Lake Drive

Upper Mazinaw Lake

371 North Mazinaw Heights Road



Mountain bikers will enjoy remarkable scenery and differing terrains to challenge bikers of all skill levels.

With over 58 kilometers of Crown access roads and a multitude of off-road trails through the forests and around the lakes of the North Frontenac Park Lands, bikers will take in stunning vistas from sandy beaches, pristine lakes and upland hardwood, to igneous substrata, granite slopes, rocky bluffs and outcroppings.

As many trails wind their way in and out of the North Frontenac Park Lands and on and off Crown Land please observe and respect any private property postings you may encounter.


Nestled atop the Madawaska Highlands with both the Mississippi and Madawaska rivers flowing through it, the North Frontenac Park Lands offer the canoeing and kayaking enthusiast lots of variety. From the tranquility of exploring the numerous streams and tributaries to the inspiring views offered during paddles down long lakes and the thrill of shooting its class I – IV rapids, North Frontenac Park Lands has it all.

While virtually every lake and campsite in North Frontenac Park Lands offers a variety of canoeing options Kashwakamak and Crotch lakes are part of the Mississippi River Canoe Route. Big Gull Lake provides a southern loop alternative to the Mississippi River between Crotch and Kashwakamak lakes.



North Frontenac is a great place to fish.

For comprehensive information about fishing in North Frontenac, take a look at the Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary. North Frontenac is in Zone 18.

*Now available through the MNR, are interactive ON-Line Fishing Maps stocked with information about many lakes throughout Ontario.

Outdoor Rink

Enjoy North Frontenac's outdoor ice rink, fun for the whole family.

The Plevna ice rink is open for use by all daily 8 am to 11pm when weather conditions allow between the months of December to March. Skaters are encouraged to wear helmets at all times.

6598 Buckshot Lake Road, Plevna, Ontario K0H 2M0 

ice rink


When you are looking for a place to take the kids for the afternoon to play North Frontenac's playground located beside the Clar-Mill Community Hall in Plevna will ensure a great time for the whole family. Pack a picnic, enjoy a walk around the path, and socialize with our residents. 

6598 Buckshot Lake Road, Plevna Ontario K0H 2M0


A snowy wilderness awaits lucky snowmobile enthusiasts who take to the trails in North Frontenac. All riders must purchase an OFSC permit online.


Snow Road Snowmobile Club

For over 45 years, the Snow Road Snowmobile Club has supported snowmobiling throughout the Township. As a member of District 6 of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, this volunteer-driven group maintains over 470kms of trails throughout the region and actively fundraises through delicious breakfasts and dinners, sales and other endeavours.

Their heated clubhouse at 1106 Gemmill’s Road in Snow Road Station is open 24/7 during the winter season and offers ample parking to those looking for a warm place to rest.

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC)

Since 1967, The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is a volunteer led not for profit association that provides the voice for organized snowmobiling in the Province of Ontario.


Backyard astronomers know the importance of dark skies. North Frontenac Park Lands offer stargazers a remarkable view of the starry canopy without the annoying effects of light pollution.

Enjoy your favourite spring, summer or fall constellation from a quiet, secluded campsite providing the ideal setting for hours of dark sky enjoyment. Amateur astronomers appreciate our “top 10” dark sky rating, especially when observing deep sky objects like nebulas and faint galaxies in the deeper regions of space.

To help you choose the best nights to book your campsite, here are a few links, complements of Environment Canada, where you can get 48 hour forecasts for cloud cover, seeing quality, and sky transparency.


For more information visit our North Frontenac Astronomy Park

Swim Program

Mazinaw Lake Swim Program
Red Cross Swimming Lessons are offered for all children 4 years and Older. 
For more information, contact
Land O'Lakes Community Services
(613) 336-8934
Sand Lake Swim Program
Red Cross Swimming Lesions are offered for all children 3 years and older, level 1 through 10. 
For more information, contact
Jilene England


Enjoy plenty of physical activity or try a new sport with North Frontenac's Tennis and Pickleball Courts. North Frontenac is home to two public tennis courts and four public pickleball courts. Two shared tennis and pickleball courts are located just outside the hamlet of Cloyne and two pickleball courts are located in the village of Plevna. Courts are open from April to October (weather permitting) on a first come, first serve basis.


Tennis Courts
 14453 Highway 41 Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1K0

Facility Includes:

  • Road side pull-off
  • Outhouse privy
  • Ball diamond
  • Pavillion
  • 2 shared Tennis/Pickleball Courts
Pickleball Courts
Facility Includes:
  • Road side pull-off
  • Outhouse privy
  • Ball diamond
  • Pavilion
  • 2 shared Tennis/Pickleball Courts


Facility Includes:
  • Parking lot
  • Outhouse privy
  • Playground
  • Pavilion
  • 2 Pickleball Courts Spring to Fall/Ice Rink in the Winter


Kilometres of hiking trails wind their way through the forests and between the lakes making North Frontenac a hiker's paradise.

Take your camera as photo opportunities present themselves at almost every turn in this natural wonderland. Capture memories of the abundant flora and fauna or some of the breathtaking landscapes and views.


Crotch Lake Trail

The Crotch Lake Trail is a marked walking trail through the natural wetlands and forests between the southwest shore of Crotch Lake and Big Gull Lake. The trail heads west from the south access road to the lake, then swings north past the eastern tip of Big Gull Lake before it loops back west toward Crotch Lake and curves south parallel to the southern portion of the west shore of the lake. The entire loop is approximately 20 Kilometres.

View a trail map.

Schooner Trail

The Schooner Trail is a marked hiking trail through natural forests, featuring many large boulders, a high elevation scenic jaunt, and a steep rocky hillside, all on the west shore of Long Schooner Lake. The trail heads north from the end of Schooner Road, then zig-zags northwest up the "The Climb", and swings back east along the "Upper Ridge Walk" toward Long Schooner Lake. The trail finishes with a quick and steep descent to a nice mellow lakeside walk along Long Schooner Lake, and it then meets back to the beginning of the trail. The entire loop is approximately 3 kilometers, and covers just over 100 meters of elevation.

Download a Schooner trail map.

The Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) Trail

The Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) includes 7 hiking trails ranging from 300 meters to one kilometer in length. Community volunteers and the Township of North Frontenac formed a partnership to not only restore these trails but maintain and monitor the close to 5 kilometers of paths. These trails enhance the outdoor life of residents and visitors, and promote activity that fits within a healthy lifestyle. The trails are colour coded with line of sight markings making it easy to reach either of the two summits - the Lakeview and Vista Lookouts. Maps along the way make navigation very convenient. The trails start from the dam between Palmerston and Canonto Lakes and include back country levels of hiking that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Download a trail map.

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