Mural Projects

Early 2017, the Economic Development Task Force invited local artists to participate in a program designed to showcase local artists, beautify the area and provide a unique attraction for residents and visitors alike. In May 2017, five murals painted on  4' x 8' pieces of plywood were unveiled and placed at the 5 community centres in the Township. Since then, several other murals have been commissioned and placed at various locations around the Township. We invite you to click on the link below to see pictures of our murals, along with details about their locations and the artists involved.

Marlene Leeson's “Relax Amid Nature” mural

 Relax Amid Nature

Artist - Marlene Leeson
7443 Road 506, Plevna, ON K0H2M0
E-mail Address:
Telephone #: 613-479-0297

"This area holds a special place in my heart and I am inspired by my surroundings. My medium of choice was acrylic, elected for its durability and vibrant colours. To add a little "flair", a three dimensional factor was sculpted with clay and wood."



Ompah Community HallOmpah Community Hall 10200 Rd. 509, Ompah
10200 Rd. 509, Ompah

Cathy Owens “Four Seasons, More Reasons” mural

“Four Seasons, More Reasons”

Artist - Cathy Owens
Red Dragon Gallery and Gift Shop
1091 Ridge Lane, Ardoch
E-mail Address:
Telephone #: 613-479-2137


Clar-Mill Community HallClar-Mill Community Hall 6598 Buckshot Lake Rd., Plevna
6598 Buckshot Lake Rd., Plevna

Linda Rush's “Birds of North Frontenac” mural

Linda Rush- Birds of North Frontenac

Artist - Linda Rush
1138 Lothlorien Rd, Ompah, K0H 2J0
E-mail Address:
Telephone #: 613-479-2570

“This mural is inspired by some of my favourite birds, all readily found in North Frontenac Township.
There are, of course, many, many species of birds found here in profusion, but these are some of the
ones I anticipate and enjoy every year.”



Barrie Community HallBarrie Community Hall 14225 Hwy 41, Cloyne
14225 Hwy 41, Cloyne

Fred Fowler's “A North Frontenac Experience” mural

Fred Fowler “A North Frontenac Experience” mural

Artist - Fred Fowler
F FOWLER Art Studio
4005 Elphin-Maberly Rd., Snow Road Station, On, K0H 2R0
E-mail Address:
Telephone #: 613-278-0441

“I was inspired when I was out boating and met a neighbour kayaking on the Mississippi River. Nearby were some loons. I just combined them in this painting because many times while boating or kayaking, we see loons out on the Rivers and Lakes in North Frontenac.”



Snow Road Community HallSnow Road Community Hall 14073 Road 509, Snow Road Station
14073 Road 509, Snow Road Station

 Katie Ohlke's “Jasper Creek” mural

 Katie Ohlke “Jasper Creek” mural 

Artist - Katie Ohlke
Stone Ridge Art Studio
6672 Hwy 506, Plevna ON K0H 2M0

"Behind my farmhouse is a beautiful little anonymous creek that I named after my dog. It is a very peaceful location to sit, relax and soak up nature."



Harlowe Community HallHarlow Community Hall 1047 Gull Lake Rd., Harlowe
1047 Gull Lake Rd., Harlowe

Carrie White's mural

 Artist - Carrie White


Mississippi Bridge/Boat Launch
14270 Road 509

Linda Rush's  “Gazing at the Heavens” mural

 Artist - Linda Rush  “Gazing at the Heavens” mural

Artist - Linda Rush
1138 Lothlorien Rd, Ompah, K0H 2J0
E-mail Address:
Telephone #: 613-479-2570

“This mural was inspired by evenings I have spent at the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve. It is wonderful to share the experience of gazing up at the heavens and being filled with awe at the mystery and grandeur visible there. I hope I have captured some of that feeling in this mural.”



Star Gazing PadStar Gazing Pad 5816 Road 506, Plevna
5816 Road 506, Plevna

Richard Emery's “Windows on North Frontenac” mural

Richard Emery “Windows on North Frontenac” mural


Photographer - Richard Emery
Forest Frames
6144 Buckshot Lake Rd., K0H 2M0
E-mail Address :
Telephone #: 613-227-8057

“A photographic representation of the natural beauty to be found in this community.”



Ompah Rest StopOmpah Rest Stop 10175 Road 509, Ompah
10175 Road 509, Ompah

 Christina Faiers “By the Shore” mural

Christina Faiers “By the Shore” mural

Artist : Christina Faiers
E-mail Address:



Entrance to 506 Waste Site506 Waste Site 3444 Road 506
3444 Road 506,

Cloyne, Ontario

Leane and Brian Bailey's “The Red Canoe” mural

Leanne and Brian Bailey's “The Red Canoe” mural

Artist: Leane and Brian Bailey

1219 Sunday Lake Dr., Ompah, ON, K0H 2J0 ,

Telephone # : 613-479-8047



Lavant Public Works Yard

11586 Road 509, OmpahLeanne and Brian Bailey's “The Red Canoe” mural location

Fred Fowler's "Waite's Beach" mural

Fred Fowler's Waite's Beach mural

Artist: Fred Fowler

FFOWLER Art Studio

4005 Elphin-Maberly Rd.,  Snow Road Station, On, K0H 2R0

E-mail Address

Telephone # : 613-278-0441


 “For years Waite' s beach served the the community and I wanted to show the beach in action with  typical  beach activities from the 60's to 90's. I added a canoe with a male in it dressed in an older plaid style and hat as well as a picture of one of the local people sitting on a rock at the water's edge.  I combined all this to define Waite's Beach.”



PCCA Beach

1193 Arcol Road, OmpahLocation of Waite's Beachs mural



Hannah Sabourin's "All is One” mural

Hannah Sabourin's "All is One” mural

Artist: Hannah Sabourin

E-mail Address :

Social Media (Instagram): twin0partwork

Telephone # : 226-581-2486

 “I created my piece by using a sponge & latex acrylic. It was the biggest piece I've ever done, so I'm quite happy with it. It signifies the connection that we all have with the Universe, as All is One, and One is All.”



Palmerston Lake Beach

10320 Maretelock Road, OmpahLocation of Hannah Sabourin's "All is One” mural

Ann Barlow's "Visitors" mural

Ann Barlow's "Visitors" mural

Artist: Ann Barlow

3894 Stagecoach Rd.  Sydenham Ont.  K0H 2T0

Telephone # : 613 376 3685


“A professional visual artist (painter), I moved to Sydenham from the Toronto area, in 1980.  I suspect that the flying saucers in the painting may prove to be prophetic--- a sign of things to come!”



Entrance to Plevna Waste Site

6476 Buckshot Lake Road, PlevnaLocation of Ann Barlow's "Visitors" mural



Rebecca Clark's  “Enjoy, Do Not Destroy” mural

Rebecca Clark's  “Enjoy, Do Not Destroy” mural

Artist: Rebecca Clark

Perfect Imperfection

PO Box 65, Cloyne, ON

Telephone # : 613 336-7337



Cloyne Ball Diamond

14453 Hwy 41, CloyneLocation of Rebecca Clark's  “Enjoy, Do Not Destroy” mural


Kayla Newman's "Vibrant Horizon" mural

 Kayla Newman's "Vibrant Horizon" mural

Artist: Kayla Newman on Instragram


“I chose a lake scene at Kashawakamak Lake as my inspiration because I am a nature lover and incorporated bright colours to give it an abstract and unique touch”



Township Offices

6648 Road 506, PlevnaLocation of Kayla Newman's "Vibrant Horizon" mural

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