Flora and Fauna

General Plants and Wildlife

Throughout the Township of North Frontenac there exists a proliferation of unique plant, animal and bird species. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the biodiversity and unspoiled natural habitats.

Visit the Photo Gallery to view many great photos of animals and the outdoors in North Frontenac.

Birdwatching and Animal Spotting

If you enjoy birdwatching and spotting wildlife, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have partnered to create field guides that will help you identify birds and wildlife across the many regions of Ontario.

Visit ROM – Field Guides and select area (43) Frontenac County for more information.

At Risk Species in North Frontenac

For more information about species at risk through Ontario, visit MNR's Species at Risk.

Endangered Species

An endangered species is any native species that is at risk of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its Ontario range if the limiting factors are not reversed.


Endangered Species in North Frontenac

Golden Eagle Endangered species Bald Eagle Endangered Species Henslow's Sparrow Endangered Species


Threatened Species

Threatened species means any native species that is of risk of becoming endangered throughout all or a portion of its Ontario range if the limiting factors are not reversed.


Threatened Species in North Frontenac

Blending's Turtle Threatened SpeciesLeast Bittern Threatened Species

Special Concern Species

Special concern species is designated to species sensitive to human activities or natural events.


Special Concern Species in North Frontenac

Red Shouldered Hawk Special Concern SpeciesCerulean Warbler Special Concern SpeciesFive Lined Skink Special Concern Species

Rare Species

Rare Species are scarce or infrequently encountered and can be applied to either a plant or animal species.


Rare Species in North Frontenac 

Prairie Warbler Rare SpeciesHoughton's Umbrella Sedge Rare SpeciesDropping Bluegrass Rare Species Purple Stemmed Cliffbrake Rare Species Limestone Oak Fern Rare SpeciesZebra Clubtain Rare SpeciesRam's Head Lady's Slipper Rare Species




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