Police & Paramedic Services


 Ontario Provincial Police is available to North Frontenac out of two detachments out of Kaladar and Sharbot Lake. For more information visit Ontario Provincial Police's website.

For your immediate emergency assistant call 9-1-1. To reach the local detachment, for non-emergencies call 1(888) 310-11222 or one of the local number listed below. 

Kaladar OPP Detachment                        Sharbot Lake OPP Detachment

Highway 7 Kaladar, Ontario K0H 1P0                            24586 Highway 7 Sharbot Lake, Ontario K0H 2P0

(613) 336-2244                                                                  (613) 279-2195

(613) 336-8404 (Fax)                                                        (613) 279-2197 (Fax)

Frontenac Paramedic Services

Frontenac Paramedic Services operate eight ambulance station and headquarters to service a population of nearly 200,000 people in the Townships of; North Frontenac, Centeral Frontenac, South Frontenac, Frontenac Islands, and the City of Kingston. Visit Frontenac County Paramedics for more information.

Ompah Ambulance Location:

15405 Road 509, Ompah Ontario K0H 2J0

Helipad Locations:

The Township of North Frontenac owns and maintains two emergency helipads to service emergency air transport for the most severe circumstances. 

10155B Road 509 Ompah, Ontario K0H 2J0

5816 Road 506 Plevna, Ontario K0H 2M0



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