Use of Crown roads (whether or not for the purpose of visiting the North Frontenac Park Lands) requires a Road Access Permit for all vehicles. Purchase a Road Permit. All private roads require the permission of road owner before parking.

* Residents of the Township of North Frontenac must purchase their road permits directly from the Township of North Frontenac at the Township Office. View our Fees and Charges By-law for more information.

Roads that require Road Access Permits



Big Ohlmann Lake

Schooner Road

Crotch Lake

Crotch Lake Access Road

Crotch Lake

South Bush Road

Dan Lake

Schooner Road

Fortune Lake

Schooner Road

Govan Lake

Govan Lake Lane

Granite Lake

Arcol Road

Long Schooner Lake

End of Schooner Road

Lucky Lake

Schooner Road

Mackie Lake

Schooner Road

Mair Lake

Arcol Road

Redhorse Lake

Redhorse Lake Lane

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