Lake and Cottage Association

The Township of North Frontenac has many lake associations that strive to maintain the integrity of the lakes and the communities that surround them.

Big Gull Lake East End Cottages Association

Donna Cummerford, President

Phone: (613) 259-8564

Big Gull Lake West Cottage Association

Tina Collins, President


Brule Lake Cottagers Association

Larry O'Donoghue, President

Buckshot Lake Cottagers' Association

Russ Brown, President

Home Phone: (613) 769-3465

Cottage Phone: (613) 226-5493

Canonto Lake Cottage Association

 Jim Fawcett, President
 Phone: (613) 623-6061

 Steven Sunderland, Vice President
 Phone: (613) 479-2941 (At the Lake)

Crotch Lake Association

Caroline Ferguson, President
 Phone: (613) 279-2629

Grindstone Lake Landowners Association

Bryan Poirier, President

(905) 809-1917

(613) 479-0337 (Cottage)  

Kashwakamak Lake Association


Gordon Hunter, President

Phone: (905) 376-2327 (Home)

Phone: (613) 336-7345 (Cottage)

Lake Mississagagon Association

Brent Smith, Chair

Mackie Lake Area Association

Tom Bishop, President
Cottage Phone: (519) 577-2319

Malcolm & Ardoch Landowners Association

Glen Fowler, President

Mazinaw Property Owners Association (MPOA)


Fran Bates, President and Membership and Communications

Home phone: (705) 444-2881
Cottage phone: (613) 336-0916

Mink Track Lake Association

Huck Balson
Home phone: (613) 479-0313

Mosque Lake East Shore Cottage Association

Mary Doxtater

Phone: (613) 282-4312

Mosque Lake Southside Cottage Association

Claudia Burns, President
Home phone: (613) 224-7619
Cottage phone: (613) 479-2911

Mosque Lake West Shore Cottage Association

Garth Perkins
Phone: (613) 591-1398

Norcan Lake Association

Lee James, President

Phone: (613) 692-1159

North Frontenac Lake Association Alliance

Bruce Moore, Chair
Phone: (613) 862-4817

Patricia McCarron, CAO

Phone: (613) 277-0048

Palmerston Lake Association

Cille Harris, Co-Chair

Phone: (613) 791-3882


Jim Getman, Co-Chair

Phone: (315) 569-0156

Pinnacle Point Cottager's Association (Big Gull Lake)

Michael Smith, President

Shabomeka Cottage Association

Laura Logan, President

Shawenegog Lake Association

Dan Mills, President
Phone: (613) 771-9460

Sunday Lake Property Owners Association

Leane Bailey, President

Phone: (613) 479-8047

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