Community and Volunteer Groups

Community involvement is important to the residents of North Frontenac. There are a variety of community groups in the Township each offering a unique features a variety of is grateful for all of the accomplishments that the various community groups have delivered to our community. 

Historical Groups

 Cloyne District Historical Society

An established group of individuals who are dedicated to preserving the history of the area. If you live locally you might be interested in joining. If you're going to be in the area, we would love to see you. The society owns, operates, and maintains the Pioneer Museum.

North Frontenac Historical Society and Archives (NFHSA)

Formerly the Clarendon and Miller Community Archives, the NFHSA conserves local materials currently in private hands and makes them available to the community. It provides a place for local history research and encourages community pride and interest in history through local history events. 

Contact: Brenda Martin (613) 479-2837

 Community Hall Volunteer Groups
Barrie Community Hall
Contact: Michelle Alcock
(613) 661-3381
 Clar-Mill Community Volunteers
Organize and facilitate community events and fundraisers to raise money for community enhancements.


 Harlowe Hall Committee
 Contact: Terry Good  (613) 336-2223
 Ompah Community Hall Committee
 Contact: Katie Worden


Snow Road Community Hall Committee

Contact: Mike Kennelly

(613) 278-1853

General Interest
 North Frontenac Astronomy Club
 Contact: Betty Hunter
 Ompah Community Volunteer Association
 Contact: Stan Seitz (613) 479-2855

Fire Departments


 Ward 1: Kaladar-Barrie Fire Department
All applicants are required to submit a resume with a completed application Form A and Form B to be delivered to Addington Highlands Township Office 72 Edward Street, Flinton Ontario- c/o Kaladar Barrie Fire Chief, or in person on Monday evening regular training at the Northbrook Station. 

Download Kaladar Barrie Fire Department's Recruit Information Package.

Download Kaladar Barrie Fire Department's Application Process

Download Kaladar Barrie Fire Department's Code of Ethics.

 Ward 2 & 3: North Frontenac Fire Department
Apply to be a North Frontenac Volunteer Firefighter by submitting the North Frontenac Fire Department Application for Membership Form to the Township Office located at 6648 Road 506, Plevna ON, K0H 2M0 attention Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief.

Sports, Athletics and Exercise Groups

 Pickleball - Cloyne Picklers

 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am


Peter Hurley
(905) 999-8262

 Pickleball - Plevna Picklers

Evelyn Wiltshire
(613) 447-9458

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