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Community Halls Reopen to the Public Effective Immediately

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Township’s Emergency Control Group (ECG) continues to meet as required, to plan and manage the implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The Township of North Frontenac Community Halls (with the exception of Harlowe Hall – to open soon) have re-opened to the public effective immediately.

To protect Employees, Volunteers, Visitors and Renters/Facilitators and provide a safe and healthy experience at Community Halls, there is an increased responsibility on all parties to be vigilant while using the facility.

To reserve a Community Hall, please contact the individual responsible for each hall for information:

Barrie Hall:                  Jim Wilson                        (613) 336-2249

Harlowe Hall:              Marie White                      (613) 336-2557

Clarendon Miller Hall: Ed Schlievert                    (613) 479-9909

Ompah Hall:               Katie Worden                    (613) 340-7887

Snow Road Hall:        Mike Kennelly                    (613) 278-1853

The Manager of Community Development (MCD) (or designate) will review and train all renters/facilitators of the Community Halls on all protocols, prior to use.

The Township thanks all residents and visitors for respecting these important guidelines when visiting our Community Halls.

The Pandemic situation is constantly evolving and changes rapidly. With everyone’s help and support, our Community is working together through this challenging time.

Please contact Corey Klatt, Dipl.M.A., Manager of Community Development for more information at or 613-479-2231 Ext. 233.


Our 5 Community Halls in North Frontenac serve public and private events year-round. They provide an exceptional venue for any and all events. To reserve a Community Hall within North Frontenac please contact the individual from each Hall Committee for information.

View our Community Hall Rental Agreement and Fees and Charges By-law reserve a Community Hall.

On July 1, 2018 a new provincial regulation came into effect with new operational requirements that food premise owners and operators in Ontario must follow.  To view the new Food Premises Regulation 493/17. Visit

All five of the Community Halls within the Township are affected by these new regulations.  The most pertinent of these regulations to users of the Community Halls is as follows:

“Food Safety Training:  Owners and operators of food service premises must have at least one food handler of supervisor on site during all hours of operation who has completed an approved safe food handler certification”

What does this mean? 

The major change for use of the Township’s Community Halls is the requirement for at least one food handler or supervisor on the premise who has completed food handler training during every hour in which the food premise is operating, when the kitchen is being used for preparing or serving food, etc…. 

As a result of the above, if you or your Association is planning to book one of the Community Halls for a function and you are planning on serving food, please ensure you take into consideration in your planning phases that all users of the facility for food preparation are required to have at least one certified food handler or supervisor on site during all hours of operation (when food is being prepared, served and during clean up) who has successfully completed an approved safe food handling course.  Someone from your group should contact the KFL&A Health Unit to obtain a Food Handlers Certificate for your functions as   proof of a valid certificate must be submitted with the Community Hall Rental Agreement to the Township Representative taking the booking (per O. Reg 493/17).

If you are just renting the hall and not serving food, you will not require someone to be present with Food Handler’s Certification.

Community Halls in North Frontenac

Maximum Occupancy per Community Hall due to COVID-19

Community Hall

Maximum Occupancy

Barrie Community Hall


Clar-Mill Community Hall


Harlowe Community Hall


Ompah Community Hall


Snow Road Community Hall



Barrie Community Hall

Barrie Community Hall14225 Highway 41 Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1K0

Phone: (613) 336-8976

Maximum Hall Capacity:

Non-fixed seats and tables - 132

Non-fixed seats - 149

Non-fixed seats, tables and dining - 114

Rental Inquiries

Jim Wilson

Phone: (613) 336-2249

Clar-Mill Community Hall

Clarendon Miller Community Hall

6598 Buckshot Lake Road Plevna, Ontario K0H 2M0 

Phone: (613) 479-2825

Maximum Hall Capacity:

Non-fixed seats and tables - 149

Non-fixed seats - 149

Non-fixed seats, tables and dining - 131

Rental Inquiries

Ed Schleivert

Phone: (613) 479-9909

Harlowe Community Hall

Harlowe Community Hall

1047 Gull Lake Road Harlowe, Ontario K0H 1B0

Phone: (613) 336-9302

Maximum Hall Capacity:

Non-fixed seats and tables - 138

Non-fixed seats - 149

Non-fixed seats, tables and dining - 119

Rental Inquiries

Marie White

Phone: (613) 336-2557

Ompah Community Hall

Ompah Community Hall10200 Road 509 Ompah, Ontario K0H 2J0 

Phone: (613) 479-2930

Maximum Hall Capacity:

Non-fixed seats and tables - 98

Non-fixed seats - 124

Non-fixed seats, tables and dining - 84

Rental Inquiries

Katie Worden


Snow Road Community Hall

Snow Road Community Hall14073 Road 509 Snow Road Station, Ontario K0H 2T0 

Phone: (613) 278-1121

Maximum Hall Capacity:

Non-fixed seats and tables - 79

Non-fixed seats - 100

Non-fixed seats, tables and dining - 68

Rental Inquiries

Mike Kennelly

(613) 278-1853


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