About North Frontenac Fire Department

 Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Fire Department is to provide fire protection services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; first to their municipality; second to those municipalities requiring assistance through authorized emergency fire service plans and programs (mutual aid activities) and third; to those municipalities which are provided fire protection by the Fire Departments via authorized agreement.

In order to achieve the goals of the Fire Department, necessary funding must be in place and the following objectives met:

  1. Identify and review the fire service protection needs of the Municipality and develop a Master Fire Safety Plan for the Municipality.
  2. Provide an administrative process consistent with the needs of the Fire Department.
  3. Ensure that firefighting equipment and operating personnel are available within the Municipality, or are very close to, to provide adequate response to a citizen’s call within a reasonable length of time.
  4. Provide departmental training to an accepted standard which will ensure the continuous up-grading of personnel in fire prevention, firefighting, auto extraction, medical emergencies and control of emergency situations and to cooperate with other departments of the Corporation with respect to management training and other programs.
  5. Provide a maintenance program to ensure all fire protection apparatus, including allied equipment, is ready to respond to emergency calls.

Message from the Fire Chief 

Welcome to North Frontenac Township and its Fire Department's website. Our goal is to provide you, insightful information about the services we provide to the communities in North Frontenac.  Our Core Services are Fire Prevention and Public Education, Code Enforcement and Emergency Response, the three lines of defense.

The North Frontenac Fire Department is a volunteer fire department consisting of highly dedicated volunteer fire fighters. The department aspires to serve our citizens, prevent fires, protect property and, efficiently mitigate emergencies when they occur.  The North Frontenac Firefighters are very proud to serve the communities, our residents and visitors, and are committed to excellent customer service.

It is our hope that the website provide Fire safety and fire prevention information that will assist you and your family.  We wish to provide you with a general overview of the services you can expect from the local fire service.


Apply to be a North Frontenac Volunteer Firefighter by submitting the North Frontenac Fire Department Application for Membership Form to the Township Office located at 6648 Road 506, Plevna ON, K0H 2M0 attention Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must over the age of sixteen (16).
  • Required to attend an interview as part of the hiring process
  • Required to provide the following;
    • Completed TD-1 forms and a void cheque or bank account details.
    • Satisfactory Driver's Abstract from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario.
    • Copy of a Valid Drivers Licence.
    • Satisfactory Police Vulnerable Sector Check, Level 3 (PVSC)
    • Satisfactory Pre-Employment Medical Report.
  • Must attend and successfully complete mandatory training in accordance with legislation and Township policies.

Reports, Studies and Plans

View the Fire Master Plan

View Fire Department Operational Review

View Loomex North Frontenac Report - An Independent Study on Level of Fire Service in Ward 1, as compared to Wards 2 and 3.

View Fire Department Operational Review

View Loomex North Frontenac Report - An Independent Study on Level of Fire Service in Ward 1, as compared to Wards 2 and 3.

Services & Locations

View our  Emergency Services Map.

View our Find the Nearest Fire Station Map

 Station 1: Ompah 

 10200 Road 509, Ompah ON

Ompah Fire Station

 Station 2: Snow Road

 14105 Road 509, Snow Road ON

Snow Road Fire Station

 Station 3: Clarendon-Miller 

 6648 Road 506, Plevna ON

Clarendon Millar Fire Station

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