Section 34 of the Planning Act gives the Township the authority to implement land use controls through Zoning By-Laws. A Zoning By-Law is used to implement the policies in the Official Plan. As a legal By-law document that is adopted by Council, a Zoning By-Law divides lands in the Township into specific areas or “zones” that are shown in the maps below.

View our current Zoning By-Law.

Download ward 1 map.

Download ward 2 map.

Download ward 3 map.

Draft Zoning By-law 

View the Draft Mapping

Download the May 8, 2019 with Clean Copy Draft

Download the May 8, 2019 with Track Changes Draft

Download the Report from Mayor Ron Higgins – Palmerston Lake ANSI

Download the Report from T. Zander and T. Mieske - Commercial Forestry Operations

Download the Report from M. Rueckwald – ANSI Update

Download the Report from T. Zander - Zoning By-law Review Update

Download the Report From M. Rueckwald - ANSI.

Download the November 2, 2018 - Clean Copy Draft.

Download the November 2, 2018 - with Track Changes Draft.

Download the October 5, 2018 - Clean Copy Draft.

Dowload the October 5, 2018 - with Track Changes Draft.

Download the August 16, 2018 - Clean Copy Draft.

Download our Summary Listing Key Changes PDF.

Contact the Clerk/Planning Manager at clerkplanning@northfrontenac.ca  or the Deputy Clerk at depuytclerk@northfrontenac.ca or by phone (613) 479-2231 for further information

 Official Plan
The Official Plan is the document in which the Township of North Frontenac sets out its land use planning goals and policies that guide physical development and redevelopment, protection of natural and cultural heritage, resource management, and necessary supporting infrastructure. The Planning Act requires that municipalities in Ontario adopt an Official Plan that is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, as amended.

Download a copy of the Current Official Plan and map.

Other Planning Documents

Download a copy of the Private Lanes Study.

View our North Frontenac Community Profile.

 Lake Plans
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