North Frontenac Astronomy Park

North Frontenac Dark Sky Perserve

Photo Gallery: Dark Sky Pad will appear here on the public site.

North Frontenac has the darkest skies in Southern Ontario and on August 3, 2013 the Township became the first municipality in Canada to receive 'Dark Sky Preserve' status from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). 

The North Frontenac Astronomy Park (formerly known as the North Frontenac Dark Sky Pad) is one of the best places for stargazing in all of Ontario. It is adjacent to the helipad at 5816 Road 506, six kilometers south-west of Plevna, Ontario and just two hours from Ottawa and New York State.

Featuring the 16" Fred Lossing Telescope, this public space offers amenities like free parking, accessible washrooms and electrical service. Anyone can setup their telescope and enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

At organized events throughout the year, amateur astronomers are available to provide context to new and experienced stargazers.

Easily reached by millions of potential visitors from Southern Ontario, Eastern Quebec, Northern New York, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, come experience the beautiful night sky with us.

Photo Gallery: Astrophotography will appear here on the public site.

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North Frontenac Astronomy Park 

The North Frontenac Astronomy Park is a public space where anyone can setup their telescope and enjoy the dark skies. Amenities include parking, accessible washrooms, electrical service and picnic tables.

The pad is located at 5816 Road 506 just south of Plevna.

Coordinates (44.91791, -76.93947)

View the Local Amenities Map for more information.

Events at the Astronomy Park

Community groups such as the North Frontenac Amateur Astronomy Club host a number of astronomy-related events throughout the year.

North Frontenac Amateur Astronomy Club (NFAAC) Events

2024 Events

Events begin at sunset. In depth details will be posted on the Facebook page as the date gets closer. 

All events are free. Everyone is welcome. Bring your binoculars and telescopes if you have them.

For more information, you can email or call 647-273-4193.


Festival of Stars

Bring your family, telescopes binoculars for a weekend of fun that will be out of this world. This annual event promises to be filled with fun and some incredibly Dark Skies!

Come to enjoy seminars put on by local amateur astronomers, raffles, door prizes, and network with fellow astronomers and some of the darkest skies around.

For those without telescopes, you can still enjoy views through our Fred Lossing 16” telescope and our 16” Cave Instruments Newtonian reflector.


Please register when registration opens (its FREE).


There is no camping on site but there are plenty of places to stay and eat so Book EARLY!

On site sales of pizza and drinks. 

Hydro available for charging batteries only.

For more information please visit the Festival of Stars Facebook Page

Other Events

None at this time.




Planning Your Visit

When is the Astronomy Park open?
The North Frontenac Astronomy Park is a public space and open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
When is the Observatory open?
The Observatory featuring the 16-inch Fred Lossing telescope is open during all events. On other clear nights, there's a good chance volunteers from the North Frontenac Amateur Astronomy Club may have it open as well. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details.
Is there a cost?
No! You can visit the pad for free anytime and all scheduled events are free of charge.
When is the best time to visit?
Any night with clear skies is a great night for stargazing but nights with a new moon are the best. View the Moon Phase Status to find out when the next new moon is. 
Are private sky viewing experiences available?
Please contact the North Frontenac Amateur Astronomy Club for more information.
Is the site accessible?
The site is not officially 'fully accessible' however we have taken measures to ensure that people using mobility aids are able to reach the concrete viewing pad and the washrooms.

The short path to the concrete viewing pad from the gravel parking lot has an incline which can reasonably be traversed by people using mobility aids.

Each of the two privies (outdoor washrooms) are equipped with handrails and large enough to easily accommodate people using mobility aids.

If you have suggestions to enhance the accessibility of the site, please let us know.
What should I bring?
  • Comfortable clothes (dress warmly for colder months)
  • Food and drinks
  • Blankets 
  • Camping/Folding Chairs
  • Bug spray/protective clothing (bugs are most active in late May/June)
Are food and drinks available on site?
Food and drinks are not available on site. 
Where are the closest gas stations?


Nowell Motors 14165 Hwy 41 (Cloyne)
Cloyne Shell 14265 Highway 41 (Cloyne)



North of 7 Restaurant and Market 7325 Road 506 (Plevna) - open until 6pm
Palmerston Lake Marina 9637 Road 509 (Ompah) - 24hr gas (Interac/credit card)
Do you allow camping on-site?
Overnight camping is not permitted as the site is shared with a functional helicopter pad used by Ornge in the event of a medical emergency.
Where can I stay?
Please see our Local Amenities Map for information on local accommodation providers.
How are the bugs?
They're doing well, thank you for asking. Mosquitoes and Black Flies are most active in late May/June and they aren't very active later on in the night during the best viewing times. If you are sensitive to the bugs, bring bug spray and protective clothing.
At the Pad
Is there electricity?
Yes, an electrical outlet is located at the north side of the viewing pad. Please bring an appropriate extension cord if required.
Are campfires permitted?
Campfires are not permitted on the property.
Can I use a flashlight?
When stargazing, the only bright lights people should see are the ones in the dark skies. If you need to use a flashlight, please use the dimmest setting you can and avoid directing it at anyone stargazing or doing astral-imaging. If you have a red-lensed flashlight that works even better. 
Can I use a laser pointer?
Only members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) are permitted to direct lasers into the airspace above the Astronomy Park in accordance with the terms of RASC's authorization issued by the Minister of Transport.
Are there bears?
Although we are in bear country, it is extremely unlikely that you will encounter a black bear at the site especially during our popular events. Please visit the Province of Ontario's Bear Wise page for safety tips.

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