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North Frontenac Community Improvement Plan

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The information below is summarized. For detailed information including terms and conditions of the program, please view the Community Improvement Plan.


What is the Community Improvement Plan?

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning and economic development tool authorized under the Municipal Act, that municipalities may use to facilitate broad community revitalization goals through grants or loans to private property owners and tenants.

How is North Frontenac's Community Improvement Plan funded?
The Community Improvement Plan is currently funded annually through property taxation.
What are the goals of North Frontenac's Community Improvement Plan?
To enhance the appearance of the community and promote awareness of businesses
  • To develop aesthetically pleasing and diverse commercial buildings that reflect the character of the Township and to foster an environment in which people wish to work and live;
  • To improve the appearance of facades and storefronts and to enhance property and business signage.
To promote commercial vitality to support and sustain the local economy
  • To support new and existing businesses and offer residents a diverse range of employment opportunities;
  • To develop appealing destinations for residents and tourists;
  • To protect, rehabilitate, and enhance the Township’s natural features and heritage sites
To increase the level of social equity and public communication
  • To foster community building;
  • To increase the number of accessible businesses in the Township in order to better serve all residents and visitors;
  • To increase the accessibility of the Township for individuals in all stages of their life.
Who's eligible to apply?
Property owners or tenants (applicant must provide written consent from the owner) of property used for commercial purposes. A maximum of two approved applications are permitted per property and only one approved application will be approved per property, per calendar year.

Applicants must
  • Possess a Business Registration or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) number and;
  • Ensure that they are in good standing with regards to all municipal fees and property taxes liable on the property at the time of application.
Ineligible Applicants
  • Mobile Businesses (ie. refreshment vehicles)
  • Non-commercial properties who rent structures of short-term accommodations
What types of projects are eligible for funding?
There are four types of projects that are eligible for funding:

Facade Improvement
  • repair or replacement of exterior facades including cladding materials, windows, doors and replacement of roof
  • repair or repointing of façade masonry and brickwork
  • installation, repair or replacement of architectural details and features
  • installation, repair or replacement of awnings or canopies
  • façade restoration, including painting, cleaning or treatments to improve durability
  • installation or repair of signage at the place of business in accordance with applicable Township By-laws (excluding portable signage)
  • installation of lighting (must be consistent with the North Frontenac Lighting Policy)
  • installation of landscaping
  • the addition of exterior eating space (excluding portable fixtures)
  • professional design services required to complete eligible work
Accessibility Enhancements
  • Installation of new automatic doors
  • Installation of new accessible ramps
  • Widening of public entryways
  • Levelling or repairs to pathways/accesses, stairs and parking areas
  • Accessible signage and lining of parking areas
  • Constructing accessible washrooms or redevelopment of a washroom to include accessible features
  • Any combination of the above improvements
Commercial Space Funding
  • Conversion of existing residential uses to commercial uses
  • Additions to commercial properties
  • Redevelopment of vacant commercial space
  • Installation of a commercial septic system for the purpose of expanding a business or bring the system into compliance with current legislation for a Recreational Commercial operation only
  • New buildings within an existing Tourist Establishment (commercial use) for short-term accommodation
  • Redevelopment of existing commercial spaces (i.e. reconstructing or renovating existing commercial uses)
  • Professional service costs (i.e. professional planner, engineer, architect, etc.) required to complete eligible work (i.e. studies, plans, reports, engineering)
Municipal Fees
  • Conversions to existing residential uses to commercial uses, provided the conversion conforms with the Township’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law
  • Additions to commercial properties
  • Redevelopment of vacant commercial space
  • Professional service costs (i.e. professional planner, engineer, architect, etc.) required to complete eligible work (i.e. studies, plans, reports, engineering)
  • Project eligible under Programs 1-3 if the applicant is required to obtain planning approvals or a building/demolition permit
How much can a project receive funding for?
All projects pay 2/3rds of eligible costs up to a maximum payout of:

Facade Improvement, Accessibility Enhancement and/or Commercial Space
(you are permitted to combine)

Municipal Fees - Application Fees
Municipal Fees - Professional Services Grant
However the maximum total combined grant amount paid by the Township under all programs for a single approved application cannot exceed $7,000.

How can I apply?

Please contact the Community Development Department at the Township prior to applying. 

View a printable Community Improvement Plan Application Form 

What is the application process and how long does it take?

Pre-consultation - reach out to the Community Development Department anytime to discuss your plans.

  • Community Development Department staff meet with the applicant to complete the application
  • The applicant submits a quote for the proposed project work 
  • Photographs of the proposed project area are taken by Community Development Department staff.
  • Where applicable, Community Development Department staff consult with other departments to determine if the project work requires additional documents or approvals (ie. building permit).
  • The MCD review the application in relation to the CIP objectives and recommend approval or denial with reasons.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) reviews the application and, upon approval, an agreement is drafted between the Township and the applicant.
  • Community Development Staff meet with the applicant to sign the project agreement.
Project Completion
  • The applicant submits copies of all receipts for the project work along with a Notice of Completion to the Community Development Department staff.
  • The Community Development Department staff photograph the completed project area work.
  • The MCD reviews the documents to ensure the work has been completed as outlined in the agreement.
  • Funds are distributed to the applicant via cheque.


Frontenac Business Services (formerly Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation)

Frontenac Business Services

Frontenac Business Services is funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and provides consultative and investment support to local businesses. This is a community-driven, economic development initiative designed to assist communities in Canada’s rural areas to develop and implement strategies for dealing with a changing economic environment. 

If you are starting a home-based business, a brick and mortar store or looking to grow your existing business, Frontenac Business Services can help you by providing financial assistance, training opportunities and free coaching.


Current Funding Opportunities 


(613) 372-1414

1 (888) 372-9962

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Kingston-Frontenac Renovates

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