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Bishop Lake Outdoor Centre

Bishop Lake Outdoor Centre

13621 Hwy 41, Cloyne Ont.

Owners:  Bob and Allison Yearwood, and Helen Yearwood (Bishop)

Bishop Lake Outdoor Centre Inc. provides a getaway for people seeking a break from the rigours of daily life, with a campground of 75 seasonal sites and a 4 unit motel open year-round.

There is also a store selling a wide variety of fishing and hunting gear, apparel, footwear, MNRF licensing and a laundromat open to the public.  It also has propane tank refilling and re-valving certification.

This family-owned-and–operated business started in 1987 with the opening of 40 campground sites.  In 1990 propane services were added, and then in 1994 the campground grew to 75 sites.

Built on the Bishop family farm established in 1901, it continued to grow with the addition of the store in 1998, which opened in its current location in 1999.  In 2004 there was an opportunity to acquire a motel unit from another local business, thus expanding into year-round accommodation.

BLOC’s longevity is attributed to local support throughout the years with the welcome influx of seasonal patrons. Their location on Hwy 41 just south of Road 506 makes it an easily accessed destination. There are 5 employees who help in the daily operation of the grounds and the operation of the motel.  The future of this business in North Frontenac Township is strong, as there is a waiting list for campsites, and the store and motel experience business year-round.

An interesting side note is that in the late ‘90s BLOC had a plan for senior’s housing on their site, but the Council of the time was not interested in pursuing the idea.

Bishop Lake BLOC motel

Bob and Allison Yearwood


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