Mazinaw Lake Swim Program for 2020

Posted On Tuesday July 07, 2020

Hi MLSP Community Partner,


I am writing to give you an update about the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program for 2020.  We aren't able to offer lessons in person this year, but are able to do online activities.  Please share with your community for us.  Thanks


MLSP 2020 

What a different year it has been for everything, Mazinaw Lake Swim Program included.  As you know, MLSP could not operate with regular lessons this summer, however, with the help of some federal grants, we were able to hire swimming staff to create a 'Virtual' MLSP! 


Last Monday, our dedicated Swimming Lesson staff started producing virtual lessons, safety tips and activities for our MLSP community.  These youth have been working hard researching safe lessons ideas, creating videos and pictures, and sharing ideas for a safe swimming season. 


We have many initiatives happening this season.  First, we have a website 

where you can find safety tips and swimming skills.  It also has links to our staff information, fundraisers, contests, and other features.  Second, we are active on Facebook with a group and have twitter and Instagram accounts to stay connected to our swimming lesson community.  If you haven't already done so, please follow us @MazinawSwim.   

One of the highlights of our website is weekly lesson ideas.  If you are at the lake or pool, have a look at what skills your child can work on.  These are divided by lesson level. 

Our staff have been writing weekly news articles for the local paper, The North Frontenac News, to share swimming tips and safety advice.  One of our staff, Tom, challenged himself to swim around the circumference of Skootamatta Lake to raise water safety awareness and funds for MLSP!  You can follow Tom’s progress @Skoot4Maz. In addition, an online store will be established for purchasing some MLSP swag! The link will be shared on our website and social media accounts.


Although we can't provide lessons in person, as an organization there is still a cost to run virtual lessons including website maintenance, contest prizes, affiliation fees and other related costs.  We also know that our annual swim-a-thon is an event that our swimming lesson community looks forward to! Because of this, we are running a 'virtual' swim-a-thon this Friday with games and activities that the kids can do in or out of the water.  Attached is a swim-a-thon pledge form.  We will only have 2 prizes for the swim-a-thon this year, a t-shirt and hoodie. This simplifies distribution and minimizes our staff having to travelling unnecessarily to purchase smaller prizes. If you are interested in participating, you can collect pledges and arrange a time to get the money the Beth Hasler via this email Prize pick-up will also be arranged this way.  New this year, the top fundraiser will get free lessons for 2021!

We are in the process of arranging a GoFundMe Charity account that will make fundraising easier in the future of events like Skoot4Maz and Swim-a-thon.


We are excited to stay connected with our swimming lesson community.  It is a tough summer to not have lessons – perfect swimming weather.  We miss seeing the kids and having a blast at the lake!  We can't wait to see you in 2021. 


If you have any questions, please email us and we will respond.