Frontenac economic development department launches annual business survey

Posted On Tuesday January 07, 2020

Glenburnie, ON – The Frontenac County economic development department wants every business owner in Frontenac to complete a new survey. Results of the survey will help County staff better understand Frontenac's economic landscape and make informed decisions about how best to serve the businesses in the region.

“I really encourage everyone who operates a business in Frontenac County to participate in this survey,” said Frances Smith, Warden of Frontenac County. “At County Council, we rely on staff reports to make good decisions. This is an opportunity for our businesses to have their voices heard and contribute to the direction of
our region,” Warden Smith said.

Since 2017, the economic development department has surveyed members of the Frontenac Ambassador program – a network of business owners who collaborate to build up the region and support each other – to gather information about the business climate in Frontenac. Results from the survey have been used in directing staff activities over the past three years.

“This year we are expanding the survey to include all businesses in the region,” said Richard Allen, Manager of Economic Development at the County of Frontenac. “It might be a bit of a stretch, but I would love to get 100 responses to the survey. That would really give us a lot of information from a good cross section of industries in
our region,” Allen said.

“The results of the survey will allow us to understand the perspective of business owners in Frontenac and will help us identify opportunities, challenges and priorities across the region. Those highlights will help County Council and our partners about where to invest our resources moving forward,” Allen said.

The survey is open now and will remain open until the end of January. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and everyone who does so can enter into a draw to win a gift basket comprised of locally made products from companies like Back 40 Artisanal Cheese, Seed to Sausage, Haymaker Coffee and the Cheesecakery Bakery.

Survey results will only be shared in aggregate. A comprehensive analysis of the survey results will be presented to the Community Development Advisory Committee by County staff.

The Frontenac economic development department is planning to issue the survey annually to better understand year-over-year trends, and observe real-time effects of program and service changes.

Marco Smits, Communications Officer County of Frontenac
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