Monthly Business Profile - Trillium and Maple Woods Handywoman Services

Posted On Monday September 14, 2020
Trillium and Maple Woods Handywoman Services - Tammy Watson
Trillium and Maple Woods Handywoman Services - Tammy Watso

Trillium and Maple Woods Handywoman Services

Fernleigh, North Frontenac Twp

Owner: Tammy Watson

 TMWHS provides a task solution service for homeowners, businesses, and cottage owners in the area getting jobs done that you may not have the time, tools or knowledge to do on your own. Some of these services are painting, carpentry, furniture assembly, short term rental turnovers, property security checks and yard maintenance. She also builds custom outdoor furniture such as picnic tables, planters and benches. 

Tammy started the business here in January 2020 seeing a need for a business like this in the area. She gained a lot of her experience and knowledge while working for other businesses when she first moved to the area. She provides her services in North & Central Frontenac and Addington Highlands, 50% in North Frontenac and the other 50% is divided between the other two but not necessarily equal. Being the only employee at this time Tammy does have other family members to call upon if needed but carries out the majority of the work on her own. Her original business plan has had to make some adjustments due to the current situation affecting all businesses worldwide. She figured that there would be enough work coming from local year round residents and businesses but under the past and current restrictions with personal contact made a decision to expand her service portfolio and now finds herself busy, advising prospective customers that there is at least a two week waiting period for new jobs. In the beginning she approached the township looking for and received information and assistance.  Several staff members provided an optimistic outlook and some prospective clients.

Tammy's professionalism and positive attitude will keep this business venture moving forward and continually growing.