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The visualization below displays visitation statistics for this website as a whole.

The Total Monthly Visits is divided into Unique Visitors and Repeat/Other Visitors, to get an idea of how many users are using the website, and how frequently they return. Also, the Average Daily Visits by month are provided as the best common denominator for month-to-month comparison.

Visit the website regularly, provide links to us on your businesss or personal website, and share our site with others to help us generate more activity. Visitation Statistics

Statistics collected from AWStats.

NOTE: The current website was released in November 2013. The statistics initially being collected for the new site are unrepresentative of the actual visitation experienced, and uncomparable to other results collected. Consequently, these results have been excluded from this visualization (highlighted by the pink band). This problem has since been corrected, and reliable statistics have continued as of January 2014. Note that as a result of the different structures of the current and prior websites, statistics are only moderately comparable before and after the change. A better picture will be available when the current website can be compared to itself year after year.

Read more about the History of the Municipal Website on the Township's History page.

This page was last updated on March 04, 2015

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