Public Facilities for public enjoyment.

Public Facilities

Here you can find the locations and facilities open for public service or enjoyment. On this page you will find a map of the all these locations, lists and details of each type of facility, and annual energy consumption and emmission reports of select Township owned facilities.


Clarendon Central Public School

The Limestone District School Board (LDSB) serves the counties of Frontenac and Lennox and Addington. Their 55 elementary schools, 11 secondary schools and Limestone School of Community Education have an attendance of over 24,000 students. LDSB operates one school in North Frontenac, Clarendon Central Public School in Plevna. Clarendon Central PS serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Residents of North Frontenac can attend any of the schools in the neighbouring municipalities including, the North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne, and Sharbot Lake Public School, Sharbot Lake High School and Land O' Lakes Public School in the adjacent Township of Central Frontenac, which may better accommodate students in the east or south portions of North Frontenac. The North Addington Education Centre serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. North Addington Education Centre first opened its doors to 125 secondary school students in 1962 under the name North Addington High School. In 1971 it took on the new name still used today and also took in elementary school students. It became unique in that it had all school grades in one building. Surrounding elementary schools were closed and children were bused to North Addington. North Frontenac is fortunate to have facilities in proximity to serve elementary and secondary public school students. The elementary school in Plevna is centrally located and easily serves North Frontenac.

Schools Serving North Frontenac

School Grades Address Contact
Clarendon Central Public School JK - 8 7356 Road 506
Plevna, Ontario
(613) 479-2264
(613) 479-2589
[email protected]
North Addington Education Centre JK - 12 14196 Hwy 41
Cloyne, Ontario
(613) 336-8991
(613) 336-8209
[email protected]
Northern Connections Adult Learning Centre 24719 Highway 7
Sharbot Lake, Ontario
(613) 279-2499
[email protected]
Granite Ridge Education Centre K - 12 14432 Road 38
Sharbot Lake, Ontario
(613) 279-2131
(613) 279-3326
[email protected]
St. James Major Catholic School 14609 Hwy #38
Sharbot Lake, Ontario
(613) 279-3300
(613) 279-1120


The Kingston Frontenac Public Library operates two libraries in North Frontenac, one in Cloyne and one in Plevna. These branches are open four days per week.

The Ompah Library User Group operates the library in Ompah, and it is open 2 days a week.

Also, visit the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, at for more related information.

Libraries in North Frontenac

Library Hours Address Contact
Cloyne Public Library Tue 10-3, Wed 5-8, Fri 12-4, Sat 9-12

*Extra Hours for Computers Only
Mon 5-8, Thu 5-8, Sun 1-5
1011 Little Pond Road
Cloyne, Ontario
(613) 336-8744
Ompah Community Library Wed 10 - 12, Sat 12 - 2 10200 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario
(613) 479-2855 (Marily)
(613) 479-2318 (Janice)
Plevna Public Library Tue 2-4 & 5-7, Thu 2-4 & 5-7, Fri 10-1, Sat 10-1

*Extra Hours for Computers Only
Mon 5-8, Wed 5-8, Sat 1-5
6638 Buckshot Lake Road
Plevna, Ontario
(613) 479-2542

Public Internet Outreach Program

NOTE Extra hours for computer use only are available at Cloyne and Plevna as part of the Public Internet Outreach Program.

* This designated time is specifically for computer use only, and does not include use of other library materials. For use of other library materials, please visit the libraries during their regular hours.


Enjoy plenty of physical activity and social events at the ice rink in Plevna, the green space in Ompah or the ball park, tennis courts, and roadside pulloff in Cloyne.

Enjoy the outdoors, and have fun!

Parks in North Frontenac

Site Address
Cloyne Ball Park, Tennis Courts, and road side pull-off 14453 Highway 41
Cloyne, Ontario
Dark Sky Preserve and road side pull-off 5816 Road 506
Plevna, Ontario
Ompah Green Space 10200 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario
Plevna Ice Rink
Open for use by all 8 am to 11pm daily when weather conditions allow.
6598 Buckshot Lake Road
Plevna, Ontario


Harlowe Cemetery

Cemeteries are important cultural areas of our community. They are the final resting place of our community's ancestors. There are several known cemeteries in the Township, and there could also be potentially unknown ancient cemeteries. The sanctity of ancient burial sites is just as valuable as those established in the last 300 years. Below is a list of the 9 known cemeteries in North Frontenac.

Cemeteries in North Frontenac

Cemetery Address Old Township
Ardoch Community Cemetery Buckshot Lake Road Clarendon
Ardoch United Church Cemetery 5984 Ardoch Road Clarendon
Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery Little Pond Road Barrie
Dempsey 1542 Marble Lake Road Barrie
Donaldson (Mundell) Cemetery 12541B Road 509 Palmerston
Grindstone Cemetery (Playfair Corner) 1083 Grindstone Lake Road Miller
Harlowe United Church Cemetery 2372 and 2369 Harlowe Road Barrie
Harlowe St. Mark's Anglican 2181 Harlowe Road Barrie
Ompah Cemetery 9676 Road 509 Palmerston
Robertsville Cemetery 1314A Robertsville Road Palmerston
St John's Anglican Cemetery 6161 Road 506 Clarendon


St Kilians Church

The township has many historically significant church buildings in the region, and many church groups that continue to hold meetings on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact any group you think you are interested in.

Churches and Church Groups in North Frontenac

Church Address Contact
Ardoch Anglican Church 5612 Ardoch Road
Ardoch, Ontario
(613) 479-2328 (Anne Hamilton)
(613) 479-5592 (Ina Watkins)
Ardoch Catholic Church 5984 Ardoch Road (613) 479-2265 (Evangeline Hermer)
Cloyne United Church 14185 Highway 41
Cloyne, Ontario
not active
Harlowe United Church 2368 Harlowe Road
Harlowe, Ontario
not active
Harlowe Wesleyan Church 4478 Henderson Road
Harlowe, Ontario
(613) 336-2429 (Shirley Cuddy)
Mississippi Free Methodist Church 1009 St. Pierres Road
Mississippi Station, Ontario
(613) 279-2528
Ompah Anglican Church 1017 South Bush Road
Ompah, Ontario
Caretaker: Gilbert Dunham,
*No regular services,
weddings and special arrangements accepted.
Ompah United Church 10223 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario
not active
Pineview Free Methodist Church 14397 Hwy 41
Cloyne, Ontario
(613) 336-8100 (Sonja Alcock)
Plevna Anglican Church Buckshot Lake Road
Plevna, Ontario
not active
Plevna United Church 1027 Lookout Hill Road
Plevna, Ontario
not active
River of Life Christian Fellowship 7064 Road 506
Plevna, Ontario
(613) 479-0333 (Rev. Raymond Klatt)
[email protected]
Snow Road Presbyterian Church 14060 Road 509
Snow Road, Ontario
(613) 279-2462 (Harriet Riddell)

Community Halls

The 5 Community halls in North Frontenac serve public and private events year-round. They provide an exceptional venue for any and all events.

See the By-laws / Applications page for information about renting a community hall for your special event.

Community Halls in North Frontenac

Hall Address Hall Phone
Barrie Hall 14225 Highway 41
Cloyne, Ontario
(613) 336-8976
Clar-Mill Hall 6598 Buckshot Lake Road
Plevna, Ontario
(613) 479-2825
(613) 479-0074 (meeting room)
Harlowe Hall 1047 Gull Lake Road
Harlowe, Ontario
(613) 336-9302
Ompah Hall 10200 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario
(613) 479-2930
Snow Road Hall 14073 Road 509
Snow Road, Ontario
(613) 278-1121


There are 7 common beaches in North Frontenac.

Beaches in North Frontenac

Lake Address / Location
Big Gull Lake End of Thompson Road
Long Schooner Lake End of Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Marble Lake Right side of Marble Lake Road, North off of Road 506
Palmerston Lake 1032 Maretelock Road
Palmerston Lake 1193 Arcol Road
Shabomeka Lake 1199 Shawenegog Lake Lane
Sand Lake 1168 Beach Road

Boat Launches

Boat launches in North Frontenac are not always accessible to the public or maintained by the township or otherwise. Be careful and curteous when using boat launches and obey all posted signs.

Some boat launches are part of a private establishment and some require a road permit, which can be purchased at the North Frontenac Park Lands website

Boat Launches in North Frontenac

Lake Address / Location
Big Gull Lake End of Thompson Road
Big Gull Lake Helen Lane
Big Ohlmann Lake Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Brule Lake Brule Lake Road
Buckshot Lake East Bay Road
Buckshot Lake North Shore Road
Canonto Lake 2465 Canonto Road
Crotch Lake End of Lodge Road
Crotch Lake Crotch Lake Access Road (Road Permit Required)
Crotch Lake South Bush Road (Road Permit Required)
Dan Lake Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Fortune Lake Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Govan Lake Govan Lake Lane (Road Permit Required)
Granite Lake Arcol Road (Road Permit Required)
Grindstone Lake Kerr Lane
Kashwakamak Lake Brown Bay Road
Kashwakamak Lake 1734B Myers Cave Road
Kashwakamak Lake Koch Kove Lane
Kashwakamak Lake Kashwakamak Lake Road
Long Schooner Lake End of Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Lucky Lake Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Mackie Lake Schooner Road (Road Permit Required)
Mackie Lake End of Mountain Road
Mair Lake Arcol Road (Road Permit Required)
Malcolm Lake 1003 Ridge Lane
Marble Lake Marble Lake Road
Millers Lake Road 509
Mississagagon Lake 4041 Road 506
Mississippi River River Road at the Mississippi Bridge
Mosque Lake End of Landing Lane
Palmerston Lake 1031 Martelock Road
Palmerston Lake 1045 Arcol Road
Pine Lake 4573 Ardoch Road
Redhorse Lake Redhorse Lake Lane (Road Permit Required)
Sand Lake Beach Road
Shabomeka Lake Beginning of Higgins Lane
Sunday Lake End of Sunday Lake Lane
Upper Mazinaw Lake North Mazinaw Heights Road

Internet Access

WiFi spots provide wireless internet access

All libraries in North Frontenac provide internet access through terminal computers and wifi. Also, view the 'Library' tab for more information about the library operations.

It is recommended that you call ahead to ensure you will be able to receive service upon your arrival.

Internet Access in North Frontenac

Location Address Phone
Cloyne Public Library 1011 Little Pond Road
Cloyne, Ontario, K0H 1K0
(613) 336-8744
Palmerston Lake Marina 9637 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario, K0H 2J0
(613) 479-2176
North of 7 Restaurant and Market 7325 Road 506
Plevna, Ontario, K0H 2M0
(613) 479-2603
Ompah Community Library 10200 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario, K0H 2J0
(613) 479-2855 (Marily)
(613) 479-2318 (Janice)
Plevna Public Library 6638 Buckshot Lake Road
Plevna, Ontario, K0H 2M0
(613) 479-2542
Prime Time Crafts 2625 Ardoch Road
Clarendon, Ontario, K0H 1J0
(613) 279-3305
Snow Road Hall
The password is "schoolhouse"
14073 Road 509
Snow Road, Ontario
(613) 278-1121

Post Offices

2 Post Offices are within North Frontenac. 5 others in proximity to North Frontenac are also included.

Post Offices Serving North Frontenac

Location Hours Address Phone
Ardoch Post Office M,Tu,W,F 11:00-2:30
Th 12:30-6:00
5639 Ardoch Road
1(866) 607-6301
Calabogie Post Office M-F 9-5:30
Sa 9-12
699 Mill St
1(866) 607-6301
Cloyne Post Office M-F 8-5:45
Sa 9-12
14232 Highway 41
(613) 336-8694
McDonalds Corners
Post Office
M-F 6:30-6
Sa 8-6
Su 10-5
5639 Mcdonalds Corners Road
Mcdonalds Corners
1(800) 267-1177
Petro Canada
Postal Outlet
M-Su 6AM-9:30PM
M-Sa 8-8 Su 9-6
12428 highway 41
Plevna Post Office
* Minimum Service
M-F 9-6
Sa 9-2
7325 Road 506
1(800) 267-1177
Sharbot Lake Post Office M-F 8-5:45
Sa 9-12
1034 Elizabeth St
Sharbot Lake
(613) 279-2254

Medical Centers

Two medical centers are in the North Frontenac area.

Medical Centers Serving North Frontenac

Location Hours Address Phone
Lakelands Family Health Team M 8:30-4
Tu 8:30-8
W 8:30-2
Th 8:30-4
F 8:30-4
12357 Highway 41, Northbrook (613) 336-8888
Sharbot Lake Medical Center 1005 Medical Center Road, Sharbot Lake (613) 279-2100

Energy Consumption and Emissions of Municipal Infrastructure

The Ontario Provincial Government has committed to help public agencies better understand and manage their energy consumption. As part of this commitment, Ontario Regulation 397/11 under the Green Energy Act 2009 requires public agencies—municipalities, municipal service boards, school boards, universities, colleges and hospitals—to report on their energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually beginning in 2013 and to develop and implement energy Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) plans starting in 2014.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Energy Consumption and Emissions Reports
2015 2014 2013 2012 2011

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