Civic Addressing ensure your address is visible and your access is clear for emergency services.

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Civic Address Overview

Known as a 9-1-1 address, a street address, or a civic address, this designation is made up of individual parts that combine to uniquely describe a specific location.

Civic Addressing is primarily in place to help emergency services locate properties. Addresses are subsequently referenced for mail, phone service, etc.

ALL residents, permanent and seasonal...
Make sure you have a civic address and it is properly posted.
Make sure your signage and property access is clear for emergency services.

Civic addresses are extremely important for emergency services. The civic address number sign, the post, and the number blade, must be maintained BY THE OWNER at all times. Civic addresses are purchased from the Township and after installation they are owned by the property owner.

Removing 911 signs can affect the quality of emergency services, and the removal of any road or civic address sign is a serious offence that should be reported to the OPP as well as the Township for immediate replacement.

Acquire / Replace a 911 Civic Address
1 If your driveway enters from a township road then an Entrance Permit must be completed and approved by the Public Works Dept. (View the Construction of Driveways Policy for more information)
*All other driveways that enter from a laneway, or private lane, should be made sufficiently accessible for emergency vehicles.
2 Complete and submit with payment, the 911 Civic Address Application if:
  • Your property requires a civic address as part of a building permit
  • Your property was never addressed previously, and you wish to have it addressed,
  • Your property signage was damaged and you are replacing it
*Fees: Normal driveway access $100, Water access ONLY $75 (owner installs sign), Replacement $40
(View the Civic Addressing Policy for more information)
3 Once the application and payment has been received by the Township, the Township will visit the location and measure/calculate the address number and install the proper signage. *Arrangements and instructions will be given to Water Access ONLY properties to post their own signage after a number is calculated in the office.
4 The Township will update internal records and provide the new address to emergency services. However, the property owner is responsible for notifying all other authorities including Bell, and other service providers such as Insurance companies, Canada Post, etc.
5 The maintenance of the driveway and the integrity of the civic address signage is the responsibility of the property owner. Poor vehicle access or signage visibility can negatively affect the emergency response to your location and insurance companies may consider this. Make sure your signage and property access is clear for emergency services.
Darwyn Sproule, P. Eng
Public Works Manager

1-800-234-3953 x 230

911 Addressing Facts in North Frontenac

  • All 911 signs in North Frontenac are blue
  • Roads and Lanes originating in North Frotnenac begin addressing at "1000"
  • Even numbers on the right, odd numbers on the left, when travelling through ascending addresses
  • Numbers increase in 10 meter intervals, therefore;
    • The address 1020 is 100m from the beginning
    • The address 1200 is 1km from the beginning
    • The address 2000 is 5km from the beginning
    *remember numbers are on both sides of the road, and thus get used twice per 10 meter interval
  • Calculate the distance of your own address;
    • example 1087
    • subtract 1000 (1087 - 1000 = 87)
    • divide by 2 (87 / 2 = 43.5)
    • multiply by 10 (435)
    • therefore you are ~435 meters from the beginning of your road

This page was last updated on December 22, 2017

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