Township By-laws and Applications as establish by Council.

North Frontenac By-laws and Applications

The applications and by-laws listed have been prepared for reference purposes only. This is not a comprehensive list of applications and by-laws, and only the most common and publicly relevant have been included. Official signed documents are available at the Township Office.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however these references are not to be used in place of actual by-laws. If you have an interest in acquiring an official by-law, or one that is not listed here, then please contact the municipal office.

Application forms are generally governed by a council approved by-law. The application forms below are presented with their associated by-law and supplemental info if applicable. You are encouraged to print out these application and submit them the township office as directed.

By-law Title Number Download By-law Application Form
Access to Information
Requests and Appeals
Request Form
For more information about access to information, visit the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario website
Accountability and Transparency 05-16 View By-law
Addendum to #48-05 to Regulate Flying Lanterns 68-17 View By-law
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) 63-15 View By-law
Animal Control 51-05 View By-law Dog Tags / Licence Application
Asset Management Plan 115-13 View By-law See the Treasury Department page for the plan document.
Assumption of Roads and
Lanes Policy, and Minimum
Road Construction Standards
123-13 View By-law
Building By-law 35-05 View By-law MORE INFO
Burning By-law 48-05 View By-law QCO Burning Application MORE INFO
Camping and Crown Roads 114-13 View By-law MORE INFO
Camping on Municipal Property 66-17 ViewBy-law
Cemetery By-law 08-12 View By-law
Change of Address Change of Address Form
Civic Addressing Policy 58-16 View By-law 911 Civic Address Application MORE INFO
Code of Conduct for Council and Committee Members 62-17 ViewBy-law
Community Grant Policy
29-16 View By-law Community Grant Application
Community Hall Rental 80-16 View By-law Hall Rental Package MORE INFO
Community Improvement Plan
27-16 View By-lawCommunity Improvement Plan Application for Funding
Community Improvement Project Area
26-16 View By-law
Construction of Driveways 20-08 View By-law Entrance Permit Application
Docks on Township Property 36-17 View By-law    
Erect a Stop Sign at a Highway Intersection 125-15 View By-law    
Fees and Charges
106-17 View By-law
Firearms By-law 9-98 View By-law
Level of Service Policy for Township Roads 89-13 View By-law
Lottery Licence 19-07 View By-law Lottery Quick Guide MORE INFO
Noise Regulation and Prohibition 10-98 View By-law
Notice Policy By-law 68-07 View By-law
Outdoor Lighting Policy 21-14 View By-law
Parking Regulation and Prohibition 28-08 View By-law
Policy for the Operation of a Re-Use Centre 52-17 ViewBy-law
Pre-authorized Tax Payment Form Pre-authorized Tax Payment Form
Procedural Policy for Members of Council and Committees 63-17 ViewBy-law
Process for Planning 7-16 View By-law
Procurement Policy 94-16 View By-law
Recreational Vehicle Licence 41-03 View By-law RV / Trailer Application
Roadside Ditch Alteration 104-13 View By-law
Safe Property By-law 83-07 View By-law
Sale and Disposition of Land Policy 22-15 View By-law Shore Road Closing Application
Concession / Other Closing Application MORE INFO
Site Plan Control Area By-law. 08-17 View By-law
Speed Limits 80-17 View By-law
Waste Disposal 60-17 View By-law MORE INFO  
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