Recreation North Frontenac is fun in all seasons.

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Seasons of Fun
Four Seasons, More Reasons.

There is a general notion behind our Township's slogan "Four Seasons, More Reasons". Our expansive, natural, and undisturbed wilderness boasts practically infinite opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents and visitors regularly partake in a numerous range of outdoor activities including ATVing the many raw trails, fishing the many lakes of all sizes, camping in the serene backwoods, gazing upon the stars in our extremely dark skies, and much more. Come see it for yourself, and if you are an outdoor person you'll be sure to come back.

Also visit the Public Facilities page for a list of parks, cemeteries, boat launches and more.

The North and Central Frontenac Recreation Guide is available at the bottom of the home page in the 'Community Resource in Print' section

The Dark Skies in North Frontenac

North Frontenac is lucky to have some of the most southerly exceptional dark skies in Canada. The darkest region in the area, known as the 'Dark Peninsula', encompasses 4 Counties, Frontenac, Lennox-Addington, Hastings and Renfrew. For millions of people in southern Canada and the north-east US, this is the best view of the night sky and the Milky Way that they will most likely experience.

This 'Dark Peninsula' has captured the attention of many scientists, who wish to utilize its natural darkness for telescopic surveying. If you are lucky enough to experience this natural phenomenon, then you would be familiar with the fascinating spectacles it presents. The photos below include a dark skies analysis of the region, a photo taken of the Milky Way from the top of Mallory Hill, a photo from the 2012 Star Gazing Event at the 506 Helipad, and other photos from a local amateur astronomer.

The Dark Sky Preserve is a public space with ammenities, including parking, washroom, electrical service and the concrete pad, where anyone can setup their telescope and enjoy the dark skies. It is located at 5816 Road 506 (44.91791, -76.93947) just south of Plevna.

Visit the Dark Sky Preserve page for more information.

Flora and Fauna in North Frontenac

General Plants and Wildlife

Throughout the Township of North Frontenac there exists a proliferation of unique plant, animal and bird species. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the biodiversity and unspoiled natural habitats.

Visit the Photo Gallery to view many great photos of animals and the outdoors in North Frontenac.

Birdwatching and Animal Spotting

If you enjoy birdwatching and spotting wildlife, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have partnered to create field guides that will help you identify birds and wildlife across the many regions of Ontario.

Visit the ROM Website - Field Guides and select area (43) Frontenac County.

At Risk Species in North Frontenac

An endangered species is any native species that is at risk of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its Ontario range if the limiting factors are not reversed.
Threatened species means any native species that is of risk of becoming endangered throughout all or a portion of its Ontario range if the limiting factors are not reversed.
Special concern species is designated to species sensitive to human activities or natural events.

Natural Heritage Reference Manual, MNR, 1999

For more information about species at risk throughout Ontario, visit the MNR's Species at Risk page.

Endangered Threatened Special Concern and Rare species in North Frontenac are show below.

Fishing in North Frontenac

North Frontenac is a great place to fish. Many lakes are readily accessible, however there are many rarely touched "secret spots" that can be found deep in the wilderness and off the beaten path.

The Land O' Lakes Tourist Association created a list that shows What Fish are in What Lakes...

Fish Ontario website

For comprehensive information about fish licences, regulations, fish facts, fisheries management and more, take a look at the Fishing Ontario website.

NOTE: North Frontenac is in Zone 18.

MNR - Fish ON-Line

Fish ON-Line is an interactive Angler's Map that allows you to search lakes in ontario and get detailed facts and information. Fish types and fish stocking information is also available in this great online reference. Many lakes in North Frontenac are included.

Hunting in North Frontenac

With extensive crown lands to explore and endless off-trail and raw backcountry lands to explore, North Fronetnac is an exceptional place to hunt game with friends and family.

Hunting Ontario website

For comprehensive information about hunting regulations, seasons, wildlife facts and information, special wildlife programs and more, take a look at the Hunting Ontario website.

NOTE: North Frontenac is in Zone 18.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has created Wildlife Management Units (WMU's) which divide up Ontario into regions for which different rules and regulations may apply.

North Frontenac is located within WMU's 61, 62, and 63A.

Wildlife Management Units (WMU) Map

North Frontenac Park Lands

North Frontenac is quite simply Eastern Ontario's best recreational backcountry experience. Discover breathtaking beauty, witness undisturbed nature, explore timeless terrain and enjoy quiet solitude and tranquility.

North Frontenac Park Lands is a collection of 184 backcountry campsites nestled along the shores of 12 lakes atop the Madawaska highlands and Mississippi Valley watershed.

Carved from the Precambrian Granite of the Canadian Shield North Frontenac Park Lands were 2.5 billion years in the making, residing entirely on Crown Land it remains one of the most pristine natural environments in the province.

Experience outdoor recreation from the solitude of a canoe trip down its many lakes and rivers to the adrenalin of shooting rapids in a kayak. Camping in North Frontenac Park Lands is a true backcountry experience. Most sites are accessible only by water. First register and obtain a Crown Land Stewardship Program permit, to help keep the campgrounds maintained, then pitch your tent for a night, or for a week, and after the day's activities, lay back and marvel at the night skies unpolluted by city lights.

Hikers and backpackers will enjoy the challenge of its terrain from the rugged highlands landscape to the relative serenity of its wetland areas. Naturalists and ecologists can explore the uncontaminated biodiversity and protected ecosystems found throughout the area.

Map of NFPL Campsites NF Park Lands website

Swim Programs

Mazinaw Lake Swim Program

Offers Red Cross Swimming Lessons to all children 4 years and older. Four weeks Monday to Friday, first four weeks in July at Bon Echo Provincial Park, starting date June 30. $100 per child including transportation; information: Land O' Lakes Community Services at 613-336-8934.

Sand Lake Swim Program

Red Cross Swimming Lessons are offered every summer at Sand Lake, Plevna. Lessons will be offered in 2 two-week sessions in July. Red Cross Preschool and Swim Kids levels 1 to 10. Swimmers must be three years old and up. Contact Jilene England, 613-479-0174.

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