Privacy Policy we respect your privacy.

We respect your privacy

The Corporation of the Township of North Frontenac, throughout its business and administrative operations, is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals.

The collection, retention and disclosure of personal information, online or offline, by municipalities is governed in part by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In addition, the Township of North Frontenac is monitoring the evolution of federal and provincial legislation specific to online privacy and is committed to conformance with any regulations applicable to municipal governments.

We offer you choices

Information and services available through Township of North Frontenac's corporate Web sites may be obtained in other ways if you prefer not to interact with us online.

Information and services available here may also be obtained by phone, fax, postal mail, or in person. Each case may be dependant on the nature of the content or transaction. We make an effort to associate appropriate alternate contact and delivery information with specific information and services throughout our Web sites. If you choose to go no further than this privacy policy, you can begin any communication with the Township here:

The Township of North Frontenac Municipal Office
6648 Road 506, Plevna, Ontario, Canada, K0H 2M0

Phone: (613) 479-2231
Toll Free: 1(800) 234-3953
TTY: Hearing 1(800) 855-0511
Hearing Impaired 1(800) 267-6511
Fax: (613) 479-2352
E-mail: [email protected]

Generally, however, users do not have to routinely provide personal information to visit Township of North Frontenac Web sites or to download information. What we do collect, when we collect it, and how is described below.

We monitor website traffic

Like most Web servers on the Internet, the Township of North Frontenac's Web servers maintain access logs that record Web browser activity. These logs associate an Internet Protocol (IP) address with each request for content from the servers.

Often this IP address is the address assigned to a visitor's personal computer. (This IP address may be temporarily or permanently assigned to an individual computer by an Internet Service Provider or by a business's own network administrators). Alternatively this IP address may represent the network gateway of an Internet Service Provider or business network, rather than an individual computer.

Server logs including these IP addresses are used by the Township of North Frontenac to analyze Web traffic. Data from these logs help us understand what information and services are of most interest to visitors and help us visualize - in aggregate - the geographic origination of visitors.

Generally, the nature of Internet addressing allows the Township of North Frontenac to associate any IP address with a particular Internet Service Provider or network. The Township makes no attempt to associate these IP addresses with the personal information of an individual site visitor.

In a case of abuse of our Web sites, the Township of North Frontenac may report the IP address of a suspected abuser to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

We may use 'cookies'

The Township of North Frontenac Web servers are able to use "cookie" technology to keep track of the Web browsers with which they are communicating.

During a cookie transaction, a Web server will hand a Web browser some data prescribed by the Web site's developers. The Web browser will return that data with its next request for content from the Web site. Using this technology, it is possible for an application running on a Web server to distinguish one Web browser's activity from another.

When We Use Cookies:

The Township of North Frontenac Web servers will make use of such cookies when required to identify ongoing sessions with individual online visitors. Examples include:

  • To prevent abuse of online surveys and questionnaires.
  • To provide customized content and user-interface features to visitors who have specifically requested such services.
How We Use Cookies
  • In all cases, the cookie data Township of North Frontenac Web servers may hand your browser contain only "session" identifying information. No other personal information is passed to your browser, where it may be stored on your own computer.
  • On our end, cookie-related data is not permanently stored on Township of North Frontenac Web servers. Information stored temporarily in our cookie collection never includes a visitor's name or address.
  • Further, the Township of North Frontenac does not match for its records any session-identifying cookie information with the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses described above in the information on monitoring Web Web-Site Traffic.

Data security

The Township of North Frontenac is committed to the security of personal information it may collect online or offline. The Township has taken reasonable precautions to protect this personal information from loss, misuse or alteration. Any third parties who may have roles in managing such information on behalf of the Township are also committed to the same principles.

We link to other web sites

The Township of North Frontenac Web sites includes links to Web pages or sites operated by third parties. We endeavour to make it clear that certain links will take you away from our site and to destinations over which we have no control.

Our privacy policy does not apply to the sites of third parties to which we link. Instead, we encourage you to review the policies of these sites yourself upon your arrival.

This page was last updated on December 09, 2013

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