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February '17


In 2016 the Playground Equipment located at the Cloyne Ball Park and Tennis Courts (14453 Hwy 41) was removed due to safety hazards that did not meet compliance with the CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z614-2014 entitled “Children’s Playspaces and Equipment”.

At the January 26, 2017 Budget Deliberations North Frontenac Council discussed the replacement of the equipment and decided to defer the project to 2018 as it would be beneficial to request feedback from residents of North Frontenac Township to determine whether a new playground would be utilized in the Cloyne area, prior to committing funds to this potential project.

Please provide your written comments in regards to the potential replacement of a new Playground in Cloyne to Corey Klatt, Manager of Community Development at the Municipal Office by mail or email at [email protected], prior to April 7, 2017 for Council’s consideration.

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