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January '17

10th Anniversay of Jack’s Jam

 Jack’s Jam is one of the most popular events here in North Frontenac. As we know Jack’s Jam was created by Lois and Jack Weber and has been sustained by Roger and Karen Hermer. Karen and Roger I want to thank you for ensuring Jack’s Jam is on ongoing success.

If I could ask Jack and Lois to come up to the stage please

I wanted to thank you both for creating Jack’s Jam as it continues to be one of the key community social events in North Frontenac. Jack’s jam brings out the community from all ages to both socialize and enjoy music.

This all came about when you had identified a need for members of the community to get together to both play and listen to music. The fact that you started this event in your basement and have grown it to fill a community center is something you both should both be very proud of. Your event is a popular draw for musicians and members of the community with a wide variety of music.

Your successful event is further evidence that North Frontenac’s community centers are key to ensuring a strong community spirit both for now and into the future. Community centers are crucial to ensure our residents remember, learn and sustain our historical and social roots.

Jack and Lois on this 10’th anniversary of Jack’s Jam, and on behalf of all North Frontenac, we want to thank you for your passion of music, the work required to sustain such an event and to congratulate you on ten years of a successful Jack’s Jam.

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