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May '15


Ontario Provincial Police News Portal [NAPANEE] GEARING UP FOR BOATING SEASON 2015-05-01

FROM: Highway Safety Division                                                  Date:  30 April 2015

Snowmobile, All Terrain Vehicle & Vessel Enforcement Team (SAVE)


(Smiths Falls, ON) -- As the ice disappears off of our area lakes and rivers, many boaters are getting ready to head out and enjoy the nice weather.

Every time you head out on the area waterways you should ensure that safety comes first.

Before putting your boat on the water, check all safety gear. Make sure it is in the boat and it works. An empty fire extinguisher won’t help put out a fire, nor will a flash light with dead batteries help signal for help. Check all your equipment!!

The S.A.V.E. Team recommends boaters wear a life jacket or personal floatation device at all times. Once you fall into the water it’s too late.

If operating a motorized boat after sunset and before sunrise, or in restricted visibility, navigation lights are required. Check them before you go on the water to make sure they are fully functional.

Criminal Code drinking and driving offences apply to boats. Don’t mix alcohol and boating. Your Automobile Drivers Licence will be suspended!

If boaters aren’t sure what equipment they need it can be found on line at or by calling the Boating Safety line 1-866-995-9737.

You can also contact the O.P.P. S.A.V.E. Team at 613-285-2670, we want to help.


Randal Haddrall

Provincial Constable                        

East Region S.A.V.E. Team

Media Relations Officer


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