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August '14

North Frontenac Actively Embraces Open Government with an Open Data Website

At an August 11, 2014 meeting of Council, the Township of North Frontenac passed both an Open Data Policy and an Open Government Licence.

The Open Data Policy supports the principle that information is open and accessible. It includes the process and standards by which data is shared with the public. The Open Data Policy makes the sharing of data to the public a normal practice.

The Open Government Licence – North Frontenac is a mirror of the Open Government Licence – Ontario, and is implemented as the terms by which data provided to the public by the Township.

North Frontenac's Open Data Website provides public access to all of the Township’s raw data assets. This database will continually grow in its availability of valuable data, and existing data sets will be updated live, as they are updated by the Township.

For those interested in raw data, head over to North Frontenac’s Open Data Website now!

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