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March '14

Our Municipal Website - By The Numbers

Ever wonder how many people visit our municipal website? and how this has changed over time?

As for most websites, visitation statistics for this municipal website are, and have always been collected to assess its general effectiveness. Website visitation statistics, going back to 2010, are now available on the Web Stats page, and will be updated at the end of every month.

*The regular link to the Web Stats page can be found at the bottom of any page, just scroll down.

Why do the statistics matter?

The statistics provide insight as to whether our online resources are being sufficiently utilized and consumed effectively by the public.

In 2013, the website visitation surpassed double that of 2010's 24,820 visits. Also in 2013, about 52 Gb of data was downloaded by users versus 26 Gb in 2010. Overall, this indicates that more users than before are coming to see the online resources that we have to offer. Continued website developments have increased public functionality and content, also contributing to a consistent and growing interest.

For 2014, the website has been completely redeveloped to how you see it now. This redevelopment was important to include a further quantity and quality of online resources, including web maps, document archives, data visualizations, and a superior user experience across all browsers and devices (Including your tablet and smartphone).

Read more about the History of the Municipal Website.

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