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February '18

The $5,000 OMAA Bursary Program

Do You Know a Future Municipal Leader?
A key objective of OMAA is to promote professional management for the purposes of good governance at the municipal government level.

In so doing there is a recognition of the value of attracting young professionals into the sector to bring energy and fresh views.
The inflow of young talent is vital to maintain the required skills that will culminate in experienced leadership in municipal government.

“The OMAA Bursary” is a 10 year program offering $5,000 annually to a successful student for the purposes of contributing to education which could lead towards a potential management career in local government.

Submission deadline July 1st, 2018

The $5,000 OMAA Bursary Program

Electronic Copy of the Bursary Application Form

Request hard copies to distribute to your Staff and Summer Students

Please send me hard copies of the Bursary Brochure

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