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October '17

Mayor’s Declaration Annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

It's time for Ontario’s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which runs from November 1 – 7.  North Frontenac Fire Department is urging families to have their carbon monoxide alarms tested monthly and change the batteries every six months.  Have all fuel-burning appliances inspected by a registered contractor annually. 

CO is the “Silent Killer” it is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.  Make sure you are safe from CO.  In Ontario 65% of injuries and deaths from CO occur in the home.  Fuel-burning appliances can include furnaces, hot water heaters, gas or wood fireplaces, portable fuel-burning heaters and generators, barbeques, stoves and vehicles. 

You must have a working CO alarm adjacent to each sleeping area of the home if your home has a fuel burning appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage, for added protection, install a carbon monoxide alarm on every storey of the home according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevent CO in your home:

  • Ensure fuel-burning appliances, chimneys and vents are cleaned and inspected annually. Visit to find a registered contractor near you.
  • Check that all outside appliance vents are not blocked.
  • Gas and charcoal barbeques should only be used outside, away from all doors, windows, vents, and other building openings. Never use barbeques inside garages, even if the garage doors are open.
  • Portable fuel-burning generators should only be used outdoors in well-ventilated areas away from windows, doors, vents and other building openings.
  • Ensure all portable fuel-burning heaters are vented properly, according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never use the stove or oven to heat your home.
  • Open the flu before using a fireplace for adequate ventilation.
  • Never run a vehicle or other fueled engine or motor inside a garage, even if the garage doors are open. Always remove a vehicle from the garage immediately after starting it.


THEREFORE, I (Ron Higgins) Mayor of the Township of North Frontenac do hereby declare November 1 - 7, 2017, as Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week throughout the Township, and I urge all the people of North Frontenac to test their carbon monoxide alarms monthly and have their appliances inspected by a registered contractor annually.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week PDF


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