News and Events stay in the loop with North Frontenac.

If you haven't already seen our interactive building records on theBuilding Data page, head on over and take a look.

The records have been updated to include 2011 building data. A static report will also be available...

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The Community Directory listing has been improved for increased useability.

Let us know what you think about these, or any other changes, on the Feedback form in the top left.

This directory quite comprehensively includes businesses...

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In support of promoting community events throughout North Frontenac and the surrounding area, we have launched a Community Events Calendar page on the Township Website. The community and public can submit events online. Postings can be on behalf of non-profits,...

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November '11

History in North Frontenac

History in North Frontenac section has been created under the 'Leisure' menu of the website.

The Township is accepting public submissions of historical significance to build this section up.

Visit the History...

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To help visualize the locations of key Township resources, we have added supplementary quick reference maps on the following Township webpages;

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Committee of Adjustment meeting minutes will now be placed on the newly re-organized Council Minutes page.

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January '11

Give us your Feedback!

The Township's website now has a feedback form available in the top left of the window, please send us your feedback!

Send us your comments, praise, and new ideas, as they will help to change and improve the way we serve the public through this medium.

- Thank you in advance, from the Webmaster :)

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January '11

News Archives

News posts will be archived every year, to avoid clutter in the news section.

If news posts become more frequent, then this may occur bi-annually.

The archives are located in the left-side columns of news pages.

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