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A simple new tool on the Treasury Department page allows you to enter your properties assessment value, which automatically gets multiplied by the current tax rate and filtered into the respective departments of the Township and the County.

This is a simple tool...

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A new polling question is up!

It takes only a few second to open up the poll, located at the top of all pages, and select/submit your answer.

Take the poll now!

Also, view the Poll...

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At an August 11, 2014 meeting of Council, the Township of North Frontenac passed both an Open Data Policy and an Open Government Licence.

The Open Data Policy supports the principle that information is open and accessible. It includes the process...

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Available on the Public Works webpage, is a new embedded web map that shows current road work, road closures, and other items affecting travel on the roadways in the Township of North Frontenac.

Check this web map reference regularly as it is likely...

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We have recently revamped the web maps available to the public on the GIS, Maps and Apps page.

Improvements include:

  • updated information
  • new modern interfaces

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The new Cemetery Plot Locator application allows users to search through all cemetery plot records by name. This application is also mobile ready, and will make use of your built-in GPS to locate a plot at your location.

This new cemetery application is much simpler to navigate for general public...

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A new web mapping application is available that allows users to simply enter roll numbers or civic addresses to quickly locate properties in North Frontenac. Alternatively, users can pan and zoom the map and click on properties to find relative roll number and civic address information. This application is also mobile ready,...

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Ever wonder how many people visit our municipal website? and how this has changed over time?

As for most websites, visitation statistics for this municipal...

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