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This help section is aimed at supporting you to understand how the various components on this website can be best consumed. View the demo videos to get a brief overview of the various components found throughout the site.

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Responsive Site

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This site uses the latest HTML and CSS technologies to enhance the quality and performance of the user experience. This site is almost entirely responsive, meaning that you can view it on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and the site will adjust to provide you with the best possible experience. This video shows what being 'responsive' means in practice and demonstrates how to work with it.

Basic Functionalities

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There are many subtle functions that effectively manage the information on this site. Accordions, Tabs, Modal Windows, and Tool Tips are simple functions that assit the user to navigate lots of information without being overwhelmed or having a cluttered page.

Data Tables

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The data tables in this site effectively manage large amounts of data / information. This video shows you how to utilize the features common throughout tables on the site, and how to improve your ability to navigate the tables.


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The website as a whole utilizes google search to find specific information throughout the North Frontenac website. Also there are secondary searches available that search through pdf documents in the many archives.


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Visualizations on this site are made with the Highcharts library. They are interactive and simplify lots of data into an easy to understand visual.

Below is a list of all the visualizations on this site:

  • Overview
    • Population and Growth in North Frontenac
    • Population Pyramid for North Frontenac
  • Building Department
    • Building Activity by Class 2007-2012
  • Treasury Department
    • 2013 NF Twp Tax Rates and Tax Class Distribution
    • Residential Tax Rates - NF Twp 1999-2013
    • Residential Taxation in Dollars per $100,000 of Assessment 1999-2013


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The GIS, Maps and Apps page is where you will find the gallery of public maps both online and in hardcopy available for download. Also, small reference maps are embedded into various pages to provide a quick visual of important spatial relations.

Interactive Budget

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The interactive budget tools, found on the Treasury Department page, are a great way to effectively peruse municipal collections and spending over the years. This video demonstrates how to best utilize these interactive online tools.

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