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North Frontenac has embraced a practice of Open Government by adopting an Open Data Policy, and releases all open data under the Open Government Licence - North Frontenac

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We use ArcGIS Online for Organizations for our webGIS implementations. Advanced users may wish to browse all of our public assets by searching the arcgis gallery including the term 'north frontenac'. Otherwise, view all of our published maps in our Map Gallery below.

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Frontenac Maps
This robust public GIS tool for all of Frontenac County provides many layers of information for reference.

Map Gallery

Web Maps and Apps

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10 Year Road Plan

The Public Works Department's 10 Year Road Maintenance Plan is depicted in this application for the maintained roads in the Township of North Frontenac. Using the time slider you can see the road segments by year with planned major road work.

Local Amenities

This mobile friendly web mapping application displays accommodations, restaurants and convenience stores in the area of North Frontenac.

Maintained Roads (Summer / Winter)

Roads that are maintained by the Township of North Frontenac Public Works Department. Both regular maintenance and winter maintenance layers can be toggled.

Spectrum Licences Providing Wireless Services

A swipe application showing all towers / antennas in the region on the left side, and all towers / antennas which provide cellular services on the right side. Drag the vertical bar to 'swipe' between the 2 maps.

2014 Hydro Line Clearing Work in North Frontenac

Hydro One will be performing important line clearing and brush removal work the B1S circuit from Barrett Chute to Ardoch. The work will consist of the removal of dead, leaning or dangerous trees as well as the trimming of trees which are encroaching upon the line. Read more and see the areas being cleared in this web map reference.

AFN Land Claims in North Frontenac

This map shows Proposed Settlement Lands in North Frontenac as part of the Draft Algonquin Land Claim Descriptive Plan. Click on a parcel to find more info including a link to a detailed report.

2013 Roads Study

The results of a 2013 Road Study which include the condition and priority of road segments to be considered.

NF Cemetery Plot Locator

Search through all cemetery plot records by name. This application is also mobile ready, and will make use of your built-in GPS to locate a plot at your location.

4 Seasons Scenic Route

This Story Map showcases the Road 506/509 route. Browse the photo / map tour to see how great the ride can be, and come see it for your self on your next road trip.

Frontenac Watersheds

This map shows Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Watershed in Ontario, Eastern Ontario, and throughout the County of Frontenac.

Frontenac Wildlife Management Units (WMU)

This map shows WMUs in Ontario and throughout the County of Frontenac. The MNR provides rules and regulations based on these 95 regions and subregions in Ontario.

Eastern Ontario Population Statistics

Depicting population, growth, and density data, from the 1991 to 2011 Stats Can Censuses, for North Frontenac and the surrounding areas.

Eastern Ontario Dwelling Statistics

Depicting total private dwellings, and the seasonality of residents, in North Frontenac and the surrounding areas.

NF Park Lands Campsites Viewer

The NF Park Lands has many great campsites for your outdoor adventures. This map displays the campsites, launches, and permit roads in the program. You can also using this map on your mobile device or print a copy for your travels.

NF Park Lands Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) Trail Viewer

This map provides an elevation tour of the trail

NF Park Lands Schooner Trail Viewer

NF Park Lands's first official trail. This map provides an elevation and photo tour of the trail.

Public Facilities and Services

Public Services and Facilities in the North Frontenac Township area.

Emergency Services Locations

Emergency Service locations in the North Frontenac Township area.

Township Properties

Township owned properties in North Frontenac. Not including township owned road concessions, shore road allowances, or otherwise.


An inventory of bridges and major culverts in North Frontenac Township.

Road Assets

An inventory of road signs, guardrails, and culverts in North Frontenac Township.


Streetlight locations in North Frontenac.

PDF Maps

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Official Plan Maps

These maps are part of the Official Plan.

Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3

Zoning Bylaw Maps

These maps are part of the Zoning Bylaw.

Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3

Frontenac Regional Map

This map displays lower tier municipalities (townships) within, and surrounding, the County of Frontenac. 2006 Census data included.

Eastern Ontario Regional Map

This map displays the counties and upper tier municipalities throughout Eastern Ontario. 2006 Census data included.

NF Park Lands Road Permit Map

A map of the Roads in the North Frontenac Park Lands program that require a Road Permit to travel on. Visit the NF Park Lands Website for booking and more information.

The Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) Trail

This is a hardcopy map of the Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) Trail.

NF Park Lands Schooner Trail

NF Park Lands's first official trail. This is a hardcopy map of the Schooner Trail, a Web App of the Schooner Trail is also available.

NF Park Lands Campsite Maps

These maps show campsites arrangements throughout the North Frontenac Park Lands. Visit the NF Park Lands Website for booking and more information.

All Lakes Overview Crotch Lake Big Gull and Kashwakamak Lakes Fortune and Schooner Lakes Govan Lake Granite Lake Mair, Hungry and Redhorse Lakes

Maps for Sale

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North Frontenac Large Wall Map

This wall map is available in two variations, for $8 each, at the Township Office.

Custom Mapping

Custom mapping requests are available through the County of Frontenac.

Other Resources

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North Frontenac Governmental Hierarchy Video

This slideshow explains our governmental hierarchy. Expand the toolbar to make the slideshow full screen or jump through slides. Enjoy!

OFSC Interactive Trail Guide

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs provides this interactive trail map which outlines the trail network and conditions throughout Ontario. Visit the OFSC website for more information.

Fish ON-Line

From the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, this tool has robust information about the fish types in over 13,000 lakes throughout Ontario.

MTO Road Maps

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has several road maps available that show major roads throughout Ontario.

Hydro One Outages Map

Hydro One provides this online map ot show outages throughout Ontario. This also comes in the form of a mobile app, see

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