Economic Development Projects making the best even better in North Frontenac.

Economic Development in North Frontenac

In an effort to encourage economic growth in the area North Frontenac Council has appointed and Economic Development Task Force. The Economic Development Task Force is a very dedicated group of individuals who meet bi-monthly. The Task Force includes members of Council, municipal staff, various business owners (from a variety of sectors) and members of community groups throughout the Township. The mandate and vision are as follows:

Mandate: To provide recommendations to North Frontenac Council regarding Economic Development opportunities.

Vision: To promote economic opportunities and help businesses in North Frontenac thrive on a year round basis.

Minutes of the Economic Task Force meetings can be found on the Commitees / Task Forces page

Below are some of the latest economic development initiatives that have been completed, are in progress, or have been planned for the future.

Economic Development Projects and Initiatives

Economic Development Strategic Plan

The EDTF is focused on promoting the Municipality's Economic Development strategic direction and has identified specific initiatives designed to compliment Council's Strategic Directions for promoting economic development.

The Economic Development Task Force has gathered information to conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for North Frontenac. Appendix A of the stategic plan document contains the items identified during this stage.

Economic Development Strategic Plan

North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve

The Municipality of North Frontenac has undertaken an initiative to enhance economic development in our township. In 2012 an Economic Development Task Force (EDTF) was formed to identify opportunities to improve the economy in the township. To date this team has completed a First Impressions study to identify our strengths and weaknesses for the township. The EDTF is currently addressing the findings to enhance the experience of our full time and seasonal residents and for visitors to the area. Late in 2012 we put a focus on utilizing a key resource in our township – Dark Skies. North Frontenac Township's Economic Development Task Force is proud to have acquired the first municipal designation in Canada as a Dark Sky Preserve (DSP) by the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). The DSP will be the cornerstone of our economic development initiative. It will allow us to work with North Frontenac service providers to provide the necessary services for visitors to our area. The North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve is sponsored by the RASC Kingston Centre and the site will be managed by North Frontenac through our network of volunteers and North Frontenac Township.

Many of us have taken it for granted that dark skies are a natural beauty and forgot, or never realized, that many people have no idea of what can be seen in the heavens above at night. Since embarking on the project we now fully appreciate what we have as a natural resource and we want to preserve, improve and sustain our dark skies environment.

We have built a DSP observation pad adjacent to the helipad at 5816 Road 506, 4 kilometers south-west of the Township offices near Plevna, Ontario. The facility includes parking, washroom, electrical service and the concrete pad embedded with its true north indicator.

The location, as shown in the following picture, identifies that North Frontenac has the darkest skies in southern Ontario. Ottawa can be seen as white to the right and Kingston can be seen below, by the St. Lawrence. Our skies in North Frontenac Township are just as dark as Manitoulin Island, plus we are more easily reached by millions of potential visitors from Southern Ontario, Eastern Quebec and Northern New York. We would love to become the Dark Skies Capital for Ontario!

Regional Dark Sky Analysis

This new economic development project will attract amateur astronomers, astro-photographers and other visitors; and is expected to provide economic spin-offs for the community as a whole. Our plans are to host periodic family events to educate people on using telescopes and viewing the heavens and include a student outreach program.

We have an information station at the site with picnic tables. The main intent will be to provide information for the public. Our purpose will be to educate the public about the effects of light pollution and how we each can share in the reduction of light pollution. We will provide information on how wildlife reacts to light and what we need in order to preserve their environment in this regard. Other information being provided will be related to places to eat, gas, groceries, campgrounds, and lodgings.

In addition to providing information we will have public star gazing nights with the assistance of expert astronomers and astro-photographers. Last year had two such events which were a huge success. Plans for future star night events, will include about 5 events over the next 12 months. We anticipate having two in the summer, one in the fall, one in the winter and one in the spring. These events will target the general public and seasoned veterans alike, for teaching and education on the value of this valued resource. In addition, we would like to put on special events for schools to educate and promote the benefits of star gazing and Astro-photography.

This project was made possible through the County of Frontenac's Federal Gas Tax – Eco Tourism Funding.

Visit the Dark Sky Preserve page for more information.

The 4 Seasons Scenic Route

Four Seasons Scenic Route

In an attempt to promote the wonderfully scenic drives that many motorists already know, the Council of North Frontenac, in partnership with the Township of Central Frontenac, has designated the Road 506 / 509 route as the "Four Seasons Scenic Route".

Signage has been placed at either end and all along the Road 506 / 509 route.

Interactive Photo Tour and Map

LED Streetlights

Energy and cost savings

The Township of North Frontenac is replacing all streetlights with LED bulbs to enhance our dark skies within our Dark Sky Preserve, to conserve energy and to reduce costs.

Streetlights Map

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