Groups and Associations formed by public groups in North Frontenac.

The Township of North Frontenac has many lake associations and volunteer groups that strive to maintain the integrity of the lakes and the communities that surround them. Also North Frontenac is greatful for all of the accomplishments that the various volunteer and community groups have delivered to their communities.

Contact info for the groups are provided below.

Is your group not listed?
Please have a representative of your association contact [email protected], to have its information added to this page.

Lake and Cottage Associations
Ken Grant (President)
(613) 226-4821 (home)
(613) 479-0064 (cottage)
[email protected] Larry O'Donoghue (President)
[email protected]

Alan Willms (Webmaster)
[email protected]
Bob Haynes (President)
Jim Bacon (Secretary), Paul Asselin (Treasurer), Russ Brown (Lake Stewart), Guy Lefebvre (Director), Kevin Quartermain (Director)
Jim Fawcett (President)
(613) 632-6061
[email protected]

Steven Sunderland (Vice President)
(613) 479-2941 (At the Lake)
[email protected]
Caroline Ferguson (President)
(613) 279-2629
[email protected]

Karin Ferguson-Reynolds (Secretary), Earl Kennedy (Director), Jack Lavigne (Director)
Juliette Bozsik(President)
[email protected] Gordon Hunter (President)
(613) 336-7345
[email protected]
Brent Smith (Chair)
[email protected]

Jill McCreary (Treasurer)
[email protected]

Brian Lorimer (Board Member), Brian Moynes (Board Member)
Peter Dudding (President)
(613) 479-2893 (cottage)
[email protected] Glen Fowler (President)
[email protected]

Ken Kirk (Vice President), Brenda Martin (Treasurer), Carolyn Waclawik (Secretary) Arndt Kruger (President)
(705) 742-9934 (home)
(613) 336-3397 (cottage)
[email protected]

Fran Bates (Membership and Communications)
(705) 444-2881 (home)
(613) 336-0916 (cottage)
Huck Balson
(613) 479-0313
[email protected]
Patricia McCarron (President)
(613) 841-5724 (home)
(613) 277-0048 (cell)
[email protected]
Colin Wiltshire (President)
[email protected]

Claudia Burns
(613) 224-7619 (home)
(613) 479-2911 (cottage)
[email protected]
Garth Perkins
(613) 591-1398
[email protected]
Dan Mills (President)
(613) 771-9460
[email protected]
Mike Cleland (President)
(613) 256-2614
[email protected]

Randy Shirley (Vice-President)
(613) 479-2955
[email protected]

Dr. Dean B. Berry (Secertary/Treasurer)
(613) 479-9951
[email protected]
Community and Volunteer Groups

Put on community events and fundraisers to raise money for community enhancements.

Contact: Ed Schleivert (President) (613) 479-9909

An established group of individuals who are dedicated to preserving the history of the area. If you live locally you might be interested in joining. If you're going to be in the area, we would love to see you. The society owns, operates, and maintains the Pioneer Museum.
[email protected]

Contact: Rose Boivin (President) (613) 479-2176

COFA has been diligently working to ensure our wildlife and surrounding environment is used wisely. COFA has been directly responsible for maintaining and enhancing fish and wildlife populations for the optimum benefit of all residents. They also recognize the need for sound conservation practices with respect to natural resource.

Individual Membership is $20.00 and Family Membership is $30.00. Payments can be mailed to COFA, Box 74, Flinton, Ontario, K0H 1P0.

Contact: Ted Snider (613) 336-2658 or Ron Pethick (613) 336-9400

Contact: Terry Good (613) 336-2223

David Cuddy

Pat Cuddy

George White

Marie White

Janet Hawley

The North Frontenac Golden Friendship Club was founded in 1976, for men & women ages 50 and over. We have four member executives and each month a different group plans activities for members after each meeting.

Our membership is aging and many are unable to attend meetings. We would like to invite Newer Retirees to join and bring new ideas.

We meet at the Clar-Mill Hall in Plevna at 1:30pm the 1st Tuesday of every month, membership is $4.00 annually with a $2.00 collection each month.

The Club is a member of the United Senior Citizens of Ontario; which lobbies Provincial & Federal Governments on our behalf & keep us informed of all developments.

What The Club Does For Your Community:

  • Helped furnish the kitchens of the Plevna and Ompah Community Centres
  • Ongoing fund raising to support local Fire Departments, Santa Clause Parades, Pine Meadow Nursing Home and local Churches.

Fun Events For Club Members To Participate In:

  • Travel within Ontario to Bala, Niagara Falls, Lake Simcoe
  • Attend the Fall Colour Tour on the Wakefield Train, Plowing matches, Fall Fairs and Stirling Theatre, etc.
  • Annual Corn Roast
  • Plant and Vegetable Sale in the Spring and Fall
  • Catered Christmas dinner with entertainment, gift exchange and Santa visit
  • Baseball games with challenges to visiting Clubs to play, everyone enjoys it immensely
  • Annual Fun Day which is attended by 23 Clubs in our zone.

For more information please contact Edith Beaulieu (613) 479-2089 or Betty Kelford (613) 479-5537

Contact: Rob Harris
(613)295-0257 - cell
(613)479-8055 - home
Email: [email protected]

Edith Beaulieu

Betty Kelford

Contact: Gerry Lichty - President (613)-278-2381
Robert Quigley (613)-479-0307
Email: [email protected]

Fundraising group for fire fighting equipment for the Snow Road Fire Department.

Contact: Ellen Raeburn (613) 278-0257

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