Dark Sky Preserve come witness some of the most southernly dark skies in Ontario.

The Dark Sky Preserve in North Frontenac is located near Plevna just two hours from Ottawa and New York State, and only four hours from Montreal and Toronto.

The observation pad is one of the best places for stargazing in the province. It is a public space with amenities, including parking, accessible washroom and electrical service. Anyone can setup their telescope and enjoy the darkest skies in southern Ontario. At organized events, amateur astronomers are available to provide context.

On August 3, 2013 the Township of North Frontenac became the first municipality in Canada to receive Dark Sky Preserve status from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

The Dark Sky Preserve observation pad is one of the best places for astronomy. It is adjacent to the helipad at 5816 Road 506, four kilometers south-west of the Township offices near Plevna, Ontario.

North Frontenac has the darkest skies in southern Ontario and it is the perfect place for star gazing. Plus we are easily reached by millions of potential visitors from Southern Ontario, Eastern Quebec, Northern New York, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

In Frontenac

Observation Pad

The Observation Pad is a public space with ammenities, including parking, washroom, electrical service and the concrete pad, where anyone can setup their telescope and enjoy the dark skies.

The pad is located at 5816 Road 506 just south of Plevna.

Google Directions

Pad Coordinates (44.91791, -76.93947)

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Also, a large map of local amenities is available on site.

The following events are taking place at the North Frontenac Star Gazing Pad at 5816 Road 506 between Plevna and Fernleigh. Check NorthFrontenac.com events calendar for event updates. Events begin at sunset. In depth details will be posted on the facebook page as the date gets closer. Feel free to use the observation pad at any time for your viewing pleasure.

Contact Corey Klatt, Manager of Community Development for more information. [email protected], 613-479-2231x233

2017 Events at the Star Gazing Pad
May 20 & 21
Jupiter rising. Spring constellations and "The Realm of Galaxies"
June 3
Gibbous Moon near Jupiter. 2 Moon shadows on Jupiter at 10:22PM. Lunar mountains and craters up close.
July 22
Summer constellations. Jupiter. Saturn! Summer Milky Way.
August 12
Perseid Meteor Shower! Despite the presence of Moonlight, a meteor per minute could be visible. Summer Milky Way.
September 16
Last chance to see Saturn, its rings and moons this year. Spotting Uranus with the naked eye is a distinct possibility. We'll show you how.
October 14
The autumn sky. Second chance to see Uranus unaided. Our nearest major galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, well-placed.

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