About North Frontenac Township vast wilderness, crown lands, and numerous beautiful lakes.

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Summary of North Frontenac Township

North Frontenac is in the heart of eastern Ontario's cottage country. Cottages and campsites dot the shores of the Township's many clean lakes. Located entirely on the Canadian Shield, the landscape can often be rough and unpredictable, but at the same time provide for scenic backdrops and vistas. The natural beauty of North Frontenac is what most residents love about the area. The active lifestyles of residents, both permanent and seasonal, enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.

In the summer, many people spend their time on the large network of trails, hiking, hunting, and off-roading with ATVs. But equally as entertaining, and possibly even more popular, is enjoying time in and around the water, partaking in activities like swimming, boating, fishing, water-skiing, tubing, canoeing and kayaking.

The winter season is also enjoyed by residents, and significant snow falls blanket the landscape, replacing the scenery of North Frontenac with an alternatively beautiful appearance. Residents commonly enjoy snowmobiling and snowshoeing the large expanse of trails, and continue to fish through the ice, as you'll see the frozen lakes scattered with the presence of fishing huts. In all, the vast expanse of natural setting that exists in North Frontenac, with a seemingly endless array of scenery to take in, is equally beautiful, and stunningly unique, during all of the four seasons.

The Township of North Frontenac is a 1,164.73 square km lower-tier municipality, part of Frontenac County, and home to over 1,842 permanent residents (and 7,000+ seasonal residents). The low density of the population (1.7 people per sq km) makes for the preservation of an amazing landscape. Also, North Frontenac is beautifully set in the heart of eastern Ontario's cottage country. For these reasons it one of the best destinations for outdoor activities and relaxing living in southeastern Ontario.

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Population and Growth in North Frontenac

Sources: Statistics Canada, Census of Population; Wikipedia

Population Pyramid for North Frontenac

Source: Statistics Canada, 2011 Census of Population.

Township Logos

The circular logo represents the coming together of the former townships (Township of Barrie, Township of Clarendon and Miller, Township of Palmerston, North and South Canonto) when the Township of North Frontenac was established in 1998. Our many lakes, the extensive natural undisturbed forestation, and a proud Canadian heritage are also represented in the graphic.

The stylized text based logo has a maple leaf included for added flare. The maple leaf is indicative of our outdoors and wilderness being fundamental to everyday life in North Frontenac. It is why so many choose to live, retire and vacation in the Township of North Frontenac.

These logos are utilized individually or together when appropriate. You will see these logos prominently in all Township correspondence, posters and signs.


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